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FROM NOVEMBER 28 2012 TO MARCH 30 2013

11 internationally recognized artists of the Urban Art scene

Vhils, Disposable utopia series 10. Acrylic on posters collected off the street, 163 x 138 cm, 2011, Coll A. Oliveux © photo Galerie Magda Danysz



34 Boulevard de Vaugirard
75015 PARIS


• Tel: 01 42 79 24 24
• Website: www.ladressemuseedelaposte.fr


• From Mondays to Saturdays 10AM–6PM
• The 1st Thursday of each month until 8PM
• Closed on Sundays and holidays.


• Full rate: 6.50 € (with access to permanent collections)
• Reduced rate: 5 €
• Free admission for children under 13 and for mail employees


• Curator: Céline Neveux
• Scenography: Jean-Claude Salliou


Marie-Anne Teulat
• Tel: 01 42 79 23 29
• E-mail : marieanneteulat@gmail.com

The show begins with an historical update on the movement in France through photographs and works done by the pioneers. Ernest Pignon-Ernest and G. Zloty for the 60s, Blek Le Rat, Jef Aérosol and Jérôme Mesnager for the 80s, and continues with works of 11 artists: Banksy, C215, Dran, Invader, L’Atlas, Ludo, Miss. Tic, Rero, Shepard Fairey, Swoon and Vhils.

Ludo, Nymphéas. Pencil and oil paint on paper, 130 x 100 cm, 2012,
Coll Wunderkammern Gallery © photo
Wunderkammern & Ludo

From the street to the museum

The 70 works displayed and the diversity of techniques give a wide array of contemporary urban art, with both forerunners and later artists. Beginning with graffiti – the origin of street art and of what is today urban contemporary art- the artists go from the street to the gallery and to the museum. They have evolved from wall to picture rail, faithful to their know-how, some of them exploring new territories without disclaiming their universe, becoming then representatives of an urban art movement.

Poetry, spray paint and traffic signs

The exhibition displays eleven internationally recognized artists. Six have created a specific installation for the current event: C215, L’Atlas, Ludo, Miss.Tic, Rero and Vhils. Different themes and universes are mixed, as Invader works on pixellation, Shepard Fairey disclaims manipulation by media and ubiquitous advertising, Dran develops criticism of society and black humour, Ludo presents hybrid creatures, Swoon chooses true size portraits, l’Atlas goes for compass and calligraphic mazes, Rero works on negation, Miss.Tic develops puns and poetry, C215 does portraits, Vhils creates faces dug in material, and last but not least of all, the enigmatic Banksy, a legend of street art whose identity is a secret. Stencil, spray paint, mosaic, Scotch-tape, charcoal, cut out papers, watercolour and gouache are some the techniques currently used by these artists. Supports of their works are also very eclectic, as they range from traffic signs, to canvas, box letters, sheet metal or poster pieces.

Banksy, Laugh now. Coloured silk screen painting on vinyl record cover, 31.5 x 31.5 cm, 2008, Private Coll. © photo M. Fischer

A complete selection of videos

Apart from showcases displaying material used by several artists, videos allow a deeper insight on their work:
• Invader: In bed with Invader, 2011, documentary directed by Raphael Haddad, produced by Extermitent Production.
• Vhils: Scratching the Surface Series #4, 2012, produced by l'Adresse Musée de La Poste.
• Swoon: Street Art la rébellion éphémère, 2009, documentary, directed by Benjamin Cantu and Anne Burger, produced by L’Harmattan.
• Shepard Fairey: Rise Above Rebel, June 2012, produced by galerie Itinérance, 13th arrondissement local council and Butterfly.
• Banksy: Faites le Mur, 2010, produced by Paranoid Pictures Film.
• L’Atlas: Punitions, 2011, Skalitzers Contemporary Art, Berlin.


• Catalogue of the exhibition Au-delà du Street art, 20 €.

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