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The heart of the system is a unique database that currently reaches, over the web, a little over 60 000 persons directly concerned by art and the art market. The subscribers are world wide: 51% in Europe, 41% in  America, 8% in the rest of the world.

Museums, curators, 17%. Press, TV, Communication 16%, Galleries 15. Art lovers and colleciorss 15%. Artists 10%. Critics, Art teachers 9%. Towns, Tourism 7% Experts, Auctions 6% Variouss (Publishers, Fairs, etc.) 5%.

We are the only ones who reach out to the subscribers in their favorite language, in English and in French, and have segmented databases and tools combining weekly publications, direct marketing and continuous information.  We speak French to French-speaking subscribers, English to the English-speaking ones, and we know who we are addressing. No other current information service offers these possibilities. And the messages we send get additional visibility on our websites where they appear systematically. The quality of the events this service chooses and the information it gives ensures constant attention and great loyalty among its readers.

Our clients are small and large museums from all over the world, organizers of fairs, of cultural events, of auctions, art editors, schools... Ask them what they think of our services. We see no difference between “small” and “large” events. Each one must find its own public. That is precisely what we help you do    



Custom tailored integrated marketing operations, taking advantage of all our means of communication and fully supporting your event from beginning to end

They are launched by a detailed announcement, which includes a complete presentation text, various illustrations for each language, a practical contact section, and electronic links towards your site and your files on line.

Each campaign is carried out in 5 phases, throughout your event:
1/ On the day of your choice the announcements are sent to the subscribers’ mailboxes.
2/ They are put on line on the front page of the websites with a commentary, preceded by an illustration, and at the same time in the section "All our rendezvous", where they will stay throughout the time of your event before being registered in our archives. They then remain permanently accessible. through our search engines.
3/ On the week itself, the announcements are presented again with an illustration on  ArtoftheDay weekly and  ArtAujourdhui hebdo
4/ Half-way through your event, on the date of your choice and in order to re-launchit, we offer you on the front page of our websites or our weekly publications, an interactive advertising banner that directs readers to your website.
5/ Fifteen days before the event ends, Artaujourdhui hebdo and ArtoftheDay weekly remind our readers of your event, with a link towards the original releases.

This is a made-to-measure marketing campaign drawing on all our means of communication, the PUSH and the PULL... Your event is constantly brought forward, from the moment it begins until it ends...

Our texts appear in the social networks and are regularly picked up by the larger search engines and the sites affiliated to our rss links. All this substantially increases the impact you have over the internet.
Five successive presentations throughout your event, at the key moments: no other media - paper or internet – could bring you such precise, complete and lasting service

>>Cost: 690 € Excl. VAT for one language, 1090 € Excl. VAT for two languages.
10% discount for 3 releases over 12 months, 20% for 6 releases over 12 months.

What you must do

>>You supply us with a press kit, and a choice of 3 illustrations per language. Our specialized copywriters write, and when necessary, translate, the announcements and ensure the lay-out. It is submitted to you for approval prior to being published


interactives mailings, for a quick  immediate information, reaching all those likely to be interested in your event, while instantly boosting its general audience.

>>They include a presentation text, an illustration and a practical section that makes it easier to visit and be in touch, with electronic links towards your site and your files. They are sent to our subscribers’ mailboxes. After their mailing, the announcements  appear on the home page of our websites, and  they are permanently archived. They fully benefit from the large presence of our sites over the web and the reliability of our databases adapted to each subscriber’s information needs.


>YOU CREATE YOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS YOURSELF, in a few minutes, with the illustration of your choice, in English or in French, thanks to our exclusive automatic do-it yourself programs. You may preview immediately your announcement as it will be sent, approve it and confirm your order. We publish it, on the date, in the language and in the countries you choose.
>COST (Excl. VAT if applicable) €150 in French or in English, €250 for the two languages.

What you have to do

Register. Registration is free and takes only a few moments

>WE WRITE AND CREATE THE ANNOUCEMENTS FOR YOU, with the information you supply. They are submitted to you for approval and we publish them, on the date, in the language and in the countries you choose.

>COST (Excl. VAT if applicable)  250 Euros in French or English ( 

What you have to do

Send us the information and the illustration with its caption and credits. We do the rest

>>You need more information? Give us your data A specialist will get in touch with you very quickly and will define the operation with you. This can be carried out and sent in a very short period of time, according to your needs