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Art Of The Day Weekly

Every week, since April 2006, ArtoftheDay weekly brings you what's on in the world of art, in France and in Europe. Important, new or unusual events, exhibitions, auctions, fairs, artists, museums and galleries life, art books... You will find here, sorted by year, the summaries of all the issues published since its inception. Click on any of them, the complete issue will appear.

And if you want to go back further to the beginning of the century, our Archives section offers an extensive coverage of the world of art published on our dite since 2001.

#538 - from 10 January 2019 to 16 January 2019
IN THE AIR: 10 exhibitions, 7 countries - Boldini, prince of fashion - Painted in England - Bonnard, the master of color - Balthus for late arrivals - De Chirico visits the Belgians - Moroni, a brilliant portrait artist - Foujita, the cosmopolitan - Vasarely, right between the eyes! - Long live the Orient! - Courtauld, the discreet champion of Impressionism - OPENINGS OF THE WEEK: 11 January 2019 - PARIS - Galerie Jaeger Bucher -
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