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About us

Art Aujourd’hui is a multimedia publishing company, created in Paris in 2001 by professionals in publishing, communication and marketing, at the origin of various innovating publications that remain references in their fields, such as Stratégies in the world of communication, or the Journal des Arts for that of art.


ArtoftheDay.info is published by L'Art Aujourd'hui. All reproduction and distribution rights are reserved © 2016 L'Art Aujourd'hui. © ADAGP Paris 2016 for the works of its members; © Succession Picasso for the works of Picasso; © Succession H.Matisse for the works of Henri Matisse. Photographic acknowledgements appear under the illustrations they relate to.

L’Art Aujourd’hui - Sarl au capital de 15800 euros. Gérant Rafael Pic
38, avenue Villemain - 75014 Paris - France RCS Paris437610645
Tél. :+ 33 (0)6 62 67 11 05
e-mail : info@artaujourdhui.com

Hébergeur La Net Cie 23 rue de la Fraternité 95460 Ezanville

Publisher, head of publications
Rafael Pic, r.pic@artaujourdhui.com

Patrizia Pic De Donno, patrizia.pdd@artaujourdhui.com

Jacques Dodeman

Suzanne Fulchignoni

Internet Project Management
Richard Carlier, Carlier.biz

Guirec Renault , guirecrenault.com

Technical Programmation
Richard Carlier, Carlier.biz
Matthieu Roger, Lanetcie.com