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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

John Severson, Surf
From january 31 to february 26 2005
For over 40 years the creator of the Surfer Magazine, John Severson, catches the poses, figures and attitudes of surfers of the surfing culture in his paintings, his drawings, his photographs or even his videos.
Primatice (1504-1570), a bolognais in the court of France
From january 30 to april 10 2005
The work of Primatice reveals an art full of discoveries, combining the styles of grace and violence, the sensual delight of the senses or the virtuous ornament. It is in Fontainebleau, next to Rosso, that he became the most subtle [...]
Bécassine, Bleuette and the dolls of The Week of Suzette celebrates their 100 years!
From january 29 to may 29 2005
For the one hundreth anniversary of La semaine de Suzette, the doll museum celebrates the dolls from this childhood magazine and in particular mythical Becassine as well as Bleuette and her large trousseau. Nearly one thousand objects [...]
Genio vigoroso ed originale - The drawings of Antonio Molinari, 1655-1704
From january 29 to may 1 2005
Most of the one hundred drawings, flooded with light by Venitian artist Antonio Molinari are identifiable as preliminary studies for his paintings. The modernity of his baroque drawings is impressive, the master's talent as a drawer [...]
tapestries from Middle Age and Renaissance
From january 29 to april 30 2005
The exhibit focuses on the traditional use of luxurious materials to ornament the churches of Rome and of Constantinople from the beginnings of Christianity.The themes developed in some fifteen rare tapestries, from the Middle Ages [...]
Beyond the bag: textiles as containers
From january 28 to june 5 2005
Bags fill out the practical functions of holding, of transporting and of protecting daily objects, they are also the object of a certain creativity. The exhibit celebrates the use of textile as a useful container and gives us the opportunity [...]
Patric van Caeckenbergh - Atlas of ideations, closed gardens
From january 28 to april 17 2005
This retrospective exhibit of Patrick van Caeckenbergh's work, from 1986 to this day, illustrates the artist's original tentative to put some order in the chaotic world through an itinerary that groups together some 108 works.
Caesar, intimate portrait - From drawing to sculpture
From january 28 to march 27 2005
The exhibit allows us to discover an original aspect of César, through the presentation of a selection of drawings not seen before from his beginnings to the last years,as well as a choice of sculptures, from his expansions to his last [...]
Impressions of the North, the Scandinavian painting 1800-1915
From january 27 to may 22 2005
For the first time in Switzerland, an exhibit is entirely dedicated to art in Scandinavia. This presentation that groups together over one hundred Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish artists offers a new hard light of Northern painting,which, [...]
William Orpen: politics, sex and death
From january 27 to may 2 2005
80 oil paintings on canvas and 40 drawings tell the story of the career of famous nglish painer William Orpen. The exhibit reevaluates in a critical manner his career and reveals the full variety of his work, from his rehabilitation [...]
Liam Gillick - Srt text on the possibilty to create an economy of the equivalence
From january 26 to march 27 2005
The exhibit refers to a book that is being written, called Construccion de Uno that will be published during the exhibit. The works stage situations inspired by the evolution of the book. These plastic representations linked to the story [...]
Anthony Caro
From january 26 to april 17 2005
Sir Antony Caro is widely considered as one of the greatest living sculptors in the world. The Tate Britain suggests a retrospective exhibit covering fifty years of his work, including steel sculptures, that established his reputation [...]
A russian photographer in Paris, Pierre Choumoff (1872-1936)
From january 25 to april 3 2005
Pierre Choumoff, who saw a great number of personnalities through his lens -artists, politicians or writers such as Prokofiev, Foujita, Bourdelle, Zadkine...- is known for having made the last portrait of Rodin.And yet, we still do not know [...]
Pièces avec personnages : Jean-Louis Garnell
From january 23 to march 20 2005
Diptychs, triptychs or assemblages of digital images, the works by Jean-Louis Garnell show us characters in suspended time. Thanks to color and the relations established between the images, his photographs are a reconstruction of reality [...]
Intimate conviction
From january 23 to april 24 2005
A series of works around the theme of the intimate conviction. There are paintings, photos, videos, installations, sculptures and texts -done by 8 artists well-known at the art center.This intimate conviction is born from introspection, [...]
Italian antifascist Carlo Levi painter and writer
From january 22 to march 20 2005
The exhibit brings together some twenty paintings -portraits of Calvino, Ginzburg, Neruda, etc.- as well as photos and manuscripts by Carlo Levi, the mythical figure of Italy in the XXth century who was writer, poet, painter, journalist, [...]
Turks: A journey of a thousand years, 600-1600
From january 22 to april 12 2005
This exhibit, dedicated to Turkish art and patrimony, brings together over 350 works among which some have never left Turkey before. The rich collection of textiles, manuscripts, calligraphies, sculpted wood, pieces of jewelry and ceramic [...]
Café-concert et music-hall
From january 21 to april 24 2005
Posters, drawings and old photographs put the accent on the diversity of the acts in the program. Artist portraits illustrating their singing turn, their attractions and circus, dance or even mime numbers. Great spectacular reviews. [...]
Édouard *Manet : The Lunch - A bar in the Folies-Bergère
From january 21 to april 10 2005
In collaboration with the London Courtauld Institute, the exhibit persnted by the Neue Pinakothek allows us to appreciate two master pieces by Edouard Manet: Le déjeuner from 1868 and Un bar aux Folies-Bergère from 1881/82. A rendez-vous [...]
Bettina Rheims, a retrospective
From january 20 to april 24 2005
The first retrospective of Bettina Rheims' work in Austria brings together some 143 photographs from her series where glamour is of major importance: Female trouble, Modern Lovers, Closed Chambre, The spies, Kim Harlow, The blind, [...]
Claude Rutault, the paintings and the archer
From january 20 to may 15 2005
The second invitation by the Bourdelle Museum to a contemporay artist regards an artist from the French scene, Claude Rutault.His project explores the relations between sculpture and painting through installations in situ throughout [...]
Sarah Moon, about Andersen
From january 19 to february 27 2005
To celebrate the bicnetennial of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen, the House of Denmark has asked certain contemporary artists to illustrate his stories. Sara Moon, the first artist to deliver her work, pesents some 40 snapshots [...]
Works by Olga Székely-Kovàcs (1900-1971)
From january 19 to february 14 2005
Through this exhibit, the Hungarian Institute pays homage to figurative painter, sculptor, ceramics artist and illustrator Olga Székely-Kovàcs. This artist of many talents was very linked to France, since her encounter with writer [...]
Roman Catalogne. Sculptures of Val de Voï
From january 18 to march 20 2005
Included in the World Patrimony, the Val de Boi in the Spanish Pyrenees was, in the XIIth century, the crib of an exceptional artistic creation, large frescoes, sculptues. The sculpted ensembles we discovered thanks to the Museum of the Middle [...]
Tino Sehgal
From january 17 to march 3 2005
This exhibit includes two performances: the first is a permanent show that refers to the works of American artists Dan Graham and Bruce Nauman. The other integrates the spectator and his relation to the work as an integrating part [...]
Eduard Bargheer (1901-1979), retrospective view in water colors
From january 16 to february 27 2005
Eduard Bargheers has developed from his beginnings, post-expressionist works with a strong abstract tendency. Attached to the color of light, he finds his most direct and most personal expression in watercolors.
Martin Lersch: the Tôkaidô by Hiroshige
From january 15 to april 2 2005
This large exhibit is dedicated to the work of German artist Martin Lersch, a series of 54 monumental triptychs that pay hommage to the route to Tôkaidô as painted by Japanese artist Hiroshige in the middle of the XIXth centruy. This [...]
Laurence Demaison ?
From january 15 to march 12 2005
The exhibit, dedicated to Laurence Demaison's photographic work, brings together some 200 photographs. On the notion of the self- portrait, she uses the complex processes that take a place between the real woman and the photograph, [...]
Stephen Shore - bibliographic landscapes, photographies 1968-1993
From january 14 to march 20 2005
This is the first exhibit of Stephen Shore's work in Paris. He photographs towns and landscapes, in a formal approach of reality, while introducing biographic elements. The large format images done in the decades of the 70s and 80s have [...]
Alberto Giacometti, Henri Cartier-Bresson - A glances community
From january 13 to march 27 2005
The work of the two masters put in parallel to one another enahnce the similitude of their rhythm and form. Drawings, sculptures and photographs thus dialogue around four major themes: surrealism, the "decisive instant", portraits/selfportraits [...]
Collect 2005, The international art fair for contemporary objects
From january 12 to 17 2005
Collect 2005 offers a dynamic mixture of galeries -United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands -that show the work of their main artists and installations that are especially designed [...]
Mario Merz 1980-2003
From january 12 to march 27 2005
This double exhibit, at the Castello di Rivoli and at the GAM of Torino, allows us to approach the work of Mario Merz, one of the most significant figures in Italian and international art. From his beginnings in painting to his installations [...]
By finger and by baton - 40 designers draw the conductor's baton
From january 11 to 30 2005
World-renowned designers as well as prfessors and students from the desgn department of the ECAL were invited to create objects on the theme of the orchestra conductor's baton. Their creations, marked by their originality, humor and poetry, [...]
Michel Kikoïne (1892-1968), works on paper
From january 10 to 29 2005
He arrived in Paris in 1912, set up in the Ruche in Montparnasse and played an active part in the Paris School.His drawings reveal an expressionism that comes directly from central Europe: his touch is nervous and the colors are dark, [...]
Manufactured Self
From january 10 to march 3 2005
3 international artists explore the way we consume. They show how it increases in proportion to the collective and individual construction. They chose photography for this mission, which is appropriate and ironic, since over the last [...]
Sol Lewitt, Christian Marclay
From january 9 to 16 2005
The first retrospective in France of Christian Marclay is presneted at the same time as a totally unknown part of Sol LeWitt's protean work. The confrontation between these two artists that are so different finds a certain unity in their [...]
Damien Cabanes, new works
From january 8 to march 19 2005
The exhibit presents sculptures, paintings and charcoal paintings that represent the artist's proteiform work. He questions all the forms of color by bringing together simplicity and spontaneity.
Francis Alys - The Court of the miracles
From january 8 to march 28 2005
Francis Alys, architect turned visual artist, invites us to discover numerous works: paintings, drawings, animated films, videos and action films inspired from his life spent in Mexico City. The multitude of supports used to enhance [...]
Bill Henson
From january 8 to april 3 2005
The first exhibit of the whole of Bill Henson's work, one of th emain contemporary artists of Australia. His powerful and precise photographs are close to pictural quality -he is a master in the use of light and shadows, in the tradition [...]
Titouan Lamazou - Raymond Depardon, dream of deserts
From january 8 to february 4 2005
The exhibit presents photographs in black & white by Raymond Depardon enhanced by the sand colored paintings of Tiouan Lamazou, as well as other series of the artist's. This is a unique opportunity to discover Titouan Lamazou's very [...]
The icons of the Mother of God
From january 6 to 30 2005
From the beginning, the representation of the Mother of God has had a privileged place in Christian art. Many master pieces have interpreed this theme, both in the Orient and in the West. These icons of God's Mother, who represents [...]
René Auberjonois: Gemälde und Zeichnungen
From january 5 to june 5 2005
Mercredi 5 janvier(Wednesday 5 January) the work of René Auberjonois a great solitary artist in European art in the first half of the 20th century, is well represented in the numerous Swiss collections, in particular in Winterthur. [...]