FROM 26 MARCH TO 17 MAY 2014
Preview 25 March, 6:30 – 8:30pm

An exhibition exploring the relationship between corporate culture and artistic practice

Turkish artist Burak Delier exhibits recent work and a new film commissioned by Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) at Rivington Place from 26 March to 17May 2014. Delier’s work explores the relationship between capitalism and art,balancing seriousness and wit to critique society in a way that is relevant to Turkey and beyond.

Burak Delier’s work is acutely political. The artist took inspiration for theexhibition’s title Freedom has no script, from the chaotic, anarchic spirit ofrecent uprisings and protest movements such as those in Istanbul’s Gezi Park,Tahrir Square, and Occupy in New York. He is interested in the relationshipbetween the idea of freedom, spontaneity, improvisation and creativity,believing that freedom is not the outcome of a pre-determined script, but iscreated from incertitude, suspense, desire, and being compelled to ‘dosomething’.

Works in the exhibition include several film installations such as Collector’sWish (2012) , The Deal (2013), Crisis and Control (2013) and Iniva’s newcommission Songs of the Possessed (2014). These subtle and playful works lookat the concept of economy and explore the place of ‘power’ in the culturalsystem as well as how people can resist the nature of the corporateenvironment. For many of these films he involves participants, who become partof his research and contribute to the power of the artworks.Crisis and Control features real white-collar workers who practice yoga as a wayof dealing with the stress of their careers. Participants discuss the conflictsbetween their work and private lives - all the while adopting strenuous yogapositions, still dressed in their formal work attire. The resulting interviewsresemble a counselling session for the neo-liberal economy.

Songs of the Possessed also centres on office workers, playing with notions of how peopleexpress their emotions in the workplace. The film follows groups of two or threeworkers, at first being frustrated or angry with each other, then beingsympathetic and understanding of one another. As the camera continues tocircle the group, the film allows the viewer to imagine what is being said, tobecome involved in a full range of emotions, and to relive their ownexperiences.

Delier is the first recipient from Iniva’s Commissions and Exhibitions Fund whichaims to provide the next generation of artists from around the world with theopportunity to create new work.


Burak Delier - (born 1977) is an artist who explores capitalism through contemporary art. Delier studied Fine Art at the University of Marmara and the University of Yildiz. He has had solo exhibitions in Istanbul at PILOT and OUTLET and taken part in group exhibitions across Europe. His work was shown at the Taipei Biennial in 2008 and 2010 and the Istanbul Biennial in 2005 and 2007. He also had a show at PILOT during the 2013 Istanbul Biennial entitled Play your Part and the script will follow. Delier lives and works in Istanbul. This is his first showing in London and the UK.

Iniva’s Commissions and Exhibitions Fund - A new initiative established by Iniva as part of its work in supporting emerging artists from across the globe. Due to their location, culture or environment, many exciting artists do not always have the opportunity to challenge and discuss the world through their work. This new initiative aims to offer creative freedom, curatorial support and profile so they can take their careers to the next level.

About Iniva - Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts)   works at the intersection of society and politics. It engages with new ideas and emerging debates in the contemporary visual arts, reflecting in particular the diversity of contemporary society. We work with artists, curators, creative producers, writers and the public to explore the vitality of visual culture. (www.iniva.org) Iniva is supported by Arts Council England.

INFORMATION: • Phone: +44 207 749 1240
• Website: http://www.iniva.org/
• Mail : info@iniva.org

OPENING TIMES: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am – 6pm, Late Thursdays: 11am – 9pm, Saturday: 12noon – 6pm
ADMISSION PRICE: Free entrance
CONTACTS: • Sheena Balkwill Phone: +44 207 749 1246

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