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Preview on Tuesday 12 January at 6PM

CACHET DE LA POSTE FAISANT FOI ("DATE AS PER POSTMARK") is an exhibition that takes place at the Villa Mallet-Stevens, the architect’s former workshop and emblematic venue, which will host all Pépinières artists and more on its walls.


Difficult to escape: souvenir shops in the most diverse businesses, stations at airports, tourist information offices in the receptions of hotels, postcards are everywhere and have the largest number of points of sale in the world. Symbol of mobility, the postcard becomes, within the framework of this exhibition, the artistic object.

Supported by the European Commission for their IN Networking program, Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes wish to re-activate the links with its members, expand their influence and assert their European commitment.

Pépinières invite the artists to take possession of a postcard in the way that suits them best (drawing, collage, engraving, printing or any other surprising idea). All postcards sent before the 6th of January (date of postmark) will be exhibited at the Hippocrène Foundation - Villa Mallet-Stevens.

Generous and unifying project, "Date as per postmark" is imagined as a recovery of the written and artistic expression through the postcard object and through the intervention of artists, creative vectors of exchange and sharing.

Meetings, shows and other activities like children' workshops will be proposed along with the exhibition. On the basis of a sensorial approach and their experience of the exhibition, the children will imagine their own poscard, which will then be presented.

HIPPOCRÈNE FOUNDATION 12 rue Mallet-Stevens 75016 PARIS
INFORMATION: • Phone: +33 (0)1 55 86 16 72
• Website: http://www.art4eu.net
• Mail : pepinieres@art4eu.net

OPENING TIMES: From January 11 to January 25, 2016
Everyday from 2pm to 8pm.
ADMISSION PRICE: Free entrance