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The "Toulousains de Toulouse" are 100 years old


350 works of art and precious documents gathered over the centuries tell the History and tales of the "Pink City "

Ary Scheffer (Dordrecht, 1795 – Argenteuil, 1858) Madame Charles de Rémusat Oil on canvas ,19th century, 56 x45 cm MVT, inv. 66.2.1



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Monique Rey-Delqué, Directeur de l’Ensemble Conventuel des Jacobins et Chargée du Patrimoine de la Ville de Toulouse


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Since its creation in 1905, the Association des Toulousains de Toulouse (Natives of Toulouse Association) has dedicated itself completely to saving the patrimony of their city. It is the association that prevented the destruction of the Hôtel-Dieu, today an emblematic site of the city. It is also the association that gave birth to the idea of its history museum, the museum of the Vieux Toulouse (Old Toulouse Museum). In line with the major exhibitions it has organized on the theme of French and international patrimony, the Ensemble Conventuel des Jacobins celebrates today the centennial of these two institutions, with an exhibition that offers a live reading of the history of Toulouse - in close relation to that of France - illustrated by over 350 paintings, sculptures, graphic works and objects of curiosity.

History and tales

The exhibition is presented in chapters, and rather than seeking to be exhaustive, it focuses on clarifying important events in the city’s History and tales. It relies on the amazing wealth of this collection gathered over one hundred years and which has just undergone a major restoration, as well as on important pieces from other institutions in Toulouse. Naturally, the most important moments in the city’s History are brought back to life with its "Capitouls", its Parliament, the Calas affair... as well as a trivial event that had the whole city in turmoil, opposing pro and anti clericals.

The era of major upheavals

Special attention is given to the first half of the XIXth century, from the time of Napoleon to the monarchy of July. Aside from the political changes, cities were deeply transformed by the major breakthroughs and urban upheavals of the time. In the section called Toulouse disparue, (the Toulouse of yesterday), this evolution is rekindled through rare documents and a remarkable collection of earthenware plates decorated with buildings of which only the names have survived. The trade of the famous violet has not been forgotten, nor the art of shaping bricks which gave Toulouse its name of the «Pink City»

Poetry and the Beaux-Arts

Toulouse always experienced the arts with passion, and a great number of the works brought together for this exhibition render a vivid account of the vitality of its artistic life, in its great tradition of poetry and the Beaux-Arts. Bel canto at the Théâtre du Capitole, entertainment in the major cafés, with all those original, eccentric characters who contributed to give an image of Toulouse of a city where “the living is easy”. A chapter full of emotions dedicated to every-day life also gives us an idea of how the city and its dwellers faced joys and sorrows.

Illustration: Attributed tto Guillaume CAMMAS (1698-1777)Portrait of Gaspard de Maniban, first président of Toulouse Parliement Oil on canvas, 2nd half of 18th century Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques de Toulouse


Catalogue of the exhibition,Toulouse, pages d'histoire, « Les Toulousains de Toulouse » ont 100 ans edited by Monique Rey-Delqué, 376 P, 468 ill. 5 Continents Editions, Milan 40 euros

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