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In this directory you will find comprehensive information about museums that regularly organize temporary exhibitions, and all the practical information you need to visit them.

To help you make your first inquiries, here are a few examples of the search options available to you.

Geographical search

Select the country

We offer you a list of the countries in which we have registered at least one museum. By clicking on the country name, you will get the list of all the cities alnd their museums in that country. By clicking on a museum name, you will get access directly to its presentation file.

Multiple criteria search

Select the country and eventually the city

If the list of towns is too long, you may access directly the town through the city pop up menu (given the large number of cities listed for the United States and France, you are also offered the option of an alphabetical search for cities).

Select the speciality

To select the speciality that interests you, a  pop up menu gives you the themes of the museums’ permanent collections. Click the speciality of your choice to get all the museums connected with it.

Warning ! A great many museums have collections based on a variety of themes. Therefore the same museum may appear on several lists of answers based on specialities. Conversely, if you don’t change the "All specialities" field, you will be given all museums.

Direct search by name

If you know the name of the museum, you can make direct use of the empty “name” field and click on OK to access the information, without bringing the other search criteria into play.

You can enter the full or abbreviated name – in capital or small letters, with or without accents --, or 3 letters from one of the key words in it.

Examples : Musée d'Orsay - musée orsay - Orsay - orsay - ORS - ors – etc.

If you have entered only the first 3 letters of a word, you will be given all the museums with names including that group of 3 letters.

You can make your search more specific at will by combining the various selection criteria.

Examples : Country + Specialism / Country + City + Specialism / All countries + Name or 3 letters from the title - etc.

NB - In our answers we will give you the names of museums using the original spelling and accents as far as possible. But the search engine deals with accented letters on its own. You can omit cedillas and other accents.