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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Design Sense Awards
From august 31 to november 4 2001
The design is a radical rethink of the store. It makes maximum use of natural light, recycled materials such as aeroplane tyres for the floor mating and plastic bottles in the lavatories as well as on-site combined heating and power [...]
Recto Verso. Markus Raetz, Jérôme Stettler
From august 30 to november 11 2001
The confrontation of graphic works by two artists from different generations present the day situation of drawing in Switzerland. Since the times of Toepffer, a type of drawing tradition persists, characterised by narrative and polysemic [...]
Reflections of the Divine
From august 30 2001 to february 10 2002
Nothing's too beautifull to honour the gods. During the antiquity, Egyptian, Greek and Roman craftsmen always applied their greatest skills to the noblest of materials.
Paul Pfeiffer
From august 29 to november 28 2001
Pfeiffer's installations explore the relationship of cultural icons to history. Featured is Self-Portrait as a Fountain Pfeiffer's work from the 2001 Venice Biennale inspired from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, as well as a new video.
Robert Schecter: recent work
From august 28 to september 29 2001
The museum presents 25 recent sculptures by Robert Schecter, FIT professor of Fine Arts. His metal works are bent, unbent, crushed, rolled, crinkled, torn, folded, and unfolded. The result is a kind of wrestling match with the creative [...]
Kunisada and Kabuki. Part 3. Kunisada's Surimono
From august 28 to october 21 2001
Utagawa Kusinada (1786-1865) was one of the most famous printers of the late Edo period and his prints featuring Kabuki performers largely contributed to his popularity.
Crafts in Kyoto, 1945-2000
From august 28 to october 21 2001
200 works, ceramics, lacquers and textiles illustrate the various aspect of Kyoto crafts in the later half of the 20th century.
Views of the Collection : Recent Acquisitions
From august 26 to december 2 2001
A presentation of new works in varied medias recentely acquired by the museum.
Defining Modern: European Design 1880-1930
From august 26 to november 11 2001
From 19th century classical design towards a modern aesthetic, the exhibit features such major movements as Art Nouveau, Vienna Moderne et Art Déco. Works by Archibald Knox, C.R. Ashbee, Josef Hoffmann, Josef Urban and Emile Gallé [...]
French Master Drawings from the Collection of Muriel Butkin
From august 26 to october 28 2001
49 master drawings of the 18th and the 19th c. among which are those of François Boucher, Théodore Géricault, Jean-François Millet and Edgar Degas
Inventive Impressions : 18th and 19th c. French Prints
From august 26 to october 28 2001
The exhibit casts light on inventive innovations in printmaking in 18th c. France. Featuring lithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec, Vuillard, Bonnard, Degas and Pissarro.
Daniel Olson: Philosophical Moments
From august 25 to october 28 2001
Continuing their recent exploration of the relations between sound and image in the visual arts, Oakville Galleries invited Toronto artist Daniel Olson to present his latest works.
Jake & Dinos Chapman: Hell
From august 25 to october 7 2001
At the origin of Jake & Dinos Chapman, there's the will to generate shok and desorientation. This reasoning get them to create Hell, a great assembling of hundreds of carved figures into a great scene of torture and genocide.
The Dark, Update #4
From august 25 to october 7 2001
As a parallel to the Chapman brothers' Hell, a selection of 52 works from the permanent collection are gathered to give a kaleidoscopic image of the "dark side of contemporary art : incongruous or comic images of horror.
Wim Delvoye, Cloaca
From august 25 to october 14 2001
The Belgian artist Wim Delvoye presents a monumental installation featuring a human digestive system. Cloaca is a machine which digest daily changing menues as in real life. Fed twice a day, it produces excrement...
Surface Invention : post-1945 Graphic Art
From august 25 to november 4 2001
The museum show his extensive collection of modern works on paper. We discover the works by Hamilton, Chad Mc Nail, John Salt, a stylised version of Marilyn lips by Taste, a Elephant Skull, by Henry Moore and a Goat Skull by Picasso
Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 91st Annual Exhibition
From august 24 to september 23 2001
A panorama of sculptures, paintings and photographs by 112 artists from the Pittsburgh area.
Dan Flavin
From august 24 to september 23 2001
About 20 works spans the career of American artist Dan Flavin (1933-96), famous for his installations of fluorescent light.
Aluminum : Jewelry to Jets , ,
From august 23 to november 4 2001
Allumineum largely contributed to the innovation of design in Europe ans in the US. Its qualities such as lightness, beauty and strength explain its wide use in diferent fields, from jewelry and iterior design to aeronautics.
On the road. Fujiwo Ishimoto
From august 23 to october 7 2001
Fujiwo Ishimoto creates ceramics and textiles for already 25 years. An opportunity to present his original works and sketches that bring together Japanese culture and Finnish design...
Myth and Mirage : The Art of Avel de Knight.
From august 22 to september 30 2001
After studying at the Pratt Institute, the American artist Avel de Knight, went to Paris to attend the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. His poetic and symbolist style, was influenced by numerous sources of inspiration such as Odilon Redon and Byzantine [...]
Robert Rauschenberg: From the Speculations series.
From august 22 to december 16 2001
For the Speculations series made in 1996-97 in his Los Angeles-based workshop, Robert Rauschenberg utilized lithography to transfer parts of computer-generated photographic images. Four large screenprints from the series are featured [...]
Fair winds and clear water : Japanese poetic calligraphy
From august 22 2001 to december 29 2002
About 30 objects are brought together, including screens and hanging scrolls in the classical tradition with works by famous Japanese poets and intellectuals from the 17th through the 19th centuries.
Hany Armanious
From august 21 to october 28 2001
Hany Armanious is an Egyptian-born artist based in Sydney, Australia. In his first U.S. solo exhibition, Armanious present Selflok, 1994-2001, a new mixed-media installation of sculptures cast that explores the nature of unstabality [...]
Glass of the Avant-Garde : From the Vienna Secession to the Bauhaus
From august 21 2001 to february 24 2002
Fine collection of European glass of the late 19th century and early 20th century, presenting both the mass production of Bauhaus designers and rare pieces.
Winslow Homer The Illustrator : His Wood Engravings, 1857-1888
From august 19 to november 11 2001
About 145 wood engravings by one of the most famous American artist are brought together. The display features Civil War scenes, post-War images of Paris, and depictions of American life in the1870s and 80s.
Mondrian : The Transatlantic Paintings
From august 19 to november 25 2001
The exhibition focuses on the 1938-1944 period, during which the artist left Paris to live in New York. He began revising some of his works adding lines, colors and boogie-woogie.
Artistic Night
From august 18 to september 30 2001
A light installation by Thomas Emde.
Space Odysseys: Sensation and Immersion
From august 18 to october 21 2001
The public is steeped into large-scale contemporary installations, which gives you the impression you are physically immersed in the works
UltraBaroque : Aspects of Post-Latin American Art
From august 18 to december 31 2001
75 works by contemporary artists from South America, the Caribbeans, Mexico and the US as an attempt to show the importance of Baroque art for Latin America and its metaphoric functions and influence on art today.
Souvenirs : Postcards by Ian Hamilton Finlay
From august 18 to november 11 2001
Since the 60s, Finlay produced series of postcards in limited editions. About 100 works are displayed, combining text and visual imagery which address themes that recur throughout much of the artist's work.
Hannah Villiger
From august 16 to november 11 2001
60 photographic works by a "sculptor of images", Hannah Villiger : the 1970's black-and-white series exploring the theme of movement in space, the polaroid views of her own body taken in the early 1980's, the last blocks of work which [...]
Fire and Light : 3000 Years of Glass Artistry
From august 15 2001 to january 20 2002
From the use of glass in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, to the creations by Tiffany, the exhibition spans 3000 years of art of glass. Over 100 objects drawn from prestigious collections are on display.
John Brett : un peintre pré-raphaélite
From august 14 to september 14 2001
As part of its art program, the Cardiff Museum and Gallery dedicates an exhibition to the pre-Raphaelite Painter John Brett (1831-1902). Brett was a friend of John Ruskin whose writings on art and geology he appreciated. Many seascape [...]
Encounters: Evan Wilson
From august 12 to november 18 2001
Evan Wilson was born in Alabama, he paints still lives, interiors and rural baptism scenes with great realism.
Still Life Photographs from the Chasanoff Collection
From august 12 to november 4 2001
Masterpieces of 20th century still life photographs. Works by Irving Penn, Baron Adolph De Meyer, Josef Sudek as well as by some contemporary artists.
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha : A Retrospective
From august 12 to december 16 2001
The artist who greatly influenced contemporary art with her films, videos, performances, artist's books, and stamp art...
Between Tradition and the Modern Period, Young Artists from Indonesia ,
From august 12 to october 28 2001
Four Indonesians artists present large scale installations, which reveal tension between tradition and modernism in their society : Heri Dono, Krisna Murti, Nindityo Adipurnomo and Anursapati.
Complex Skin, Hidden soul
From august 11 to october 25 2001
As an introduction for the symposium "Design for architecture", objects of our everyday surrounding world are aranged into various categories including obsolescent shapes, patina...
Wood Studio
From august 11 to september 2 2001
As a part of the symposium "Design for architecture", two separate projects are gathered. Wood Studio of the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, features space dividers. Students of architecture and design propose new plywood lighting [...]
Lost New York in Old Postcards
From august 11 to november 25 2001
Over 170 post-cards documents the life in New York City from the end of 19th century to the 50s.
After the Beginning and Before the End
From august 10 to november 4 2001
When does a work of art begin ? In the artist's mind or in his hands ? 222 drawings from Picasso to Yoko Ono invite us to answer this question by featuring the first steps of creation : simple sketches or precise projects...
Awas ! Recent art from Indonesia
From august 10 to september 30 2001
Fourteen contemporary Indonesian artists display their works and give us a glimpse of unknown creations : paintings, installations, videos, performances...
Marc Newson : design works
From august 10 2001 to february 3 2002
Marc Newson is one the world's most accomplished and influential designers. 200 objetcs present the evolution of Newson's work, which has crossed the boundaries between architecture, industrial, product and graphic design.
Transgression. A photographic discours
From august 10 to september 2 2001
Placed in the context of painting, sculpture or video, photography is the subject of passionate artistic discussions. By shedding light on individual artistic positions, "Transgression" take us in the core of the debate.
Cheyenne Visions
From august 10 2001 to march 3 2002
Discover the artistry of arrows, war bonnets, tipi covers and explore their significance to Cheyenne culture from the past to the present.
Picasso : Portrait and Figure
From august 8 to october 28 2001
Second exhibition from the series on the Cone Collection. The studies by Picasso of the human figure, the influence of Spanish sculpture and work by Cézanne leads Picasso step by step to cubism.
Documents Northwest : The PONCHO Series. Anna Skibska.
From august 8 2001 to february 17 2002
Anna Skibska stretches hot glass into thin, spidery lines. For this new exhibition, she created a labyrinth through which the viewer has to find his or her way.
Toba Khedoori and Raymond Pettibon
From august 7 to september 23 2001
Two West Coast artists... Pettibon's video works and fanzines presenting the Los Angeles underground and punk culture, and, on the other hand, Khedoori's minimalist works painted on urban, often architectural, fragments.
A Story about Teapots
From august 7 2001 to march 10 2002
100 objects drawn from the K. S. Lo are brought together. Dated from the Ming dynasty to the 20th century, these pieces illustrate the history of teapots and tea wares.
Color, Myth and Music: Stanton Macdonald-Wright and Synchromism
From august 5 to october 28 2001
The artistewho greatly contributed to the evolution of modern art in Europe and America and founded together with Morgan Russell Synchromism, art with color movement. He was asociated with such figures as Gertrude Stein and Henri Matisse,
Wim Ricourt
From august 5 to september 3 2001
The extravert and colorful style of this artist who likes to explore the borders of figurative painting.
Star Wars : The Magic of Myth
From august 5 2001 to january 5 2002
For the first time, George Lucas film studios exhibit their collection of original characters, costumes, real-size models and props especially conceived for the famous Star Wars movie trilogy.
The Heroic Tradition : Art and the Mythic Journey
From august 5 2001 to january 5 2002
In every country and in every time, people have told stories about heroes and their adventures. These stories have always been popular subjects for art. Through the museum’s galleries the visitors can explore these legendary [...]
Taf Wallet : paintings
From august 5 to september 30 2001
Numerous works by this painter of Flemish origin are brought together. Pastels tones which he loves, as well as sea and beach landscapes, far away horizons...
Ansel Adams at 100
From august 4 2001 to january 13 2002
To celebrate Ansel Adams' hundredth birthday the exhibit features 100 photographs by this great modern artist and naturalist
Francis Criss, American Modernist: Paintings from the 1930s
From august 4 to october 14 2001
Francis Criss (1901-1973), an important but overlooked artist, made a significant contribution to American art from 1928 to 1939. During this period he produced his best paintings-cityscapes and portraits.
For All to See: Plains Indian Shirts from the National Museum of the American India
From august 4 to october 15 2001
A rare opportunity to see some antique shirts worn by Plains Indians.
Apassion for the avant-garde
From august 4 to november 4 2001
Dialogue between the important Visser private collection and works from the Kröller-Müller Museum . A selection of top items from the Visser Collection, including works by Carl Andre, Marcel Broodthaers, Daniel Buren, Hanne Darboven, [...]
Starlight : David Stephenson Photographs
From august 4 to october 10 2001
Large-scale photographs and gelatine silver prints of the Stars series are on display. In order to unveil the mysteries of the sky and to trace the starlight, the artist used various techniques, such as long and multiple exposures.
AEP Exhibition
From august 4 to 23 2001
This biannual exhibit presents works by students from local artistic centers. This time it focuses on the various links between art and society : Art connects people to Emotions, Culture, Community, Ideas.
Jean-Pierre Zinje : paintings / François Verbeke : sculptures
From august 4 to october 1 2001
Watercolors by Jean-Pierre Zinje, marines and panoramics of a subtle sensuality, are displayed next to the tensed sculptures of François Verbeke.
From august 3 to september 16 2001
Photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations by twenty artists are gathered on the theme of water. Featuring, utilizing or inspired by water, these works explore tenuous relationships between humanity and nature.
Ed van der Elsken
From august 3 to september 23 2001
A survey exhibition of the work by Ed van der Elsken, major figure of the documentary photoraphy in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
Shirana Shahbazi
From august 3 to september 23 2001
Shirana Shahbazi's installation Gotfare Nik (Good Words), explores the face of contemporary Iran through photographs and large-scale paintings.
Teenage kicks : The Mods 'n' Rockers Generation
From august 3 to september 23 2001
This extensive collection of images by both established and little-known photographers illustrates the "rock'n roll" street culture which exploded in the early Sixties.
Weegee's Story : From the Berinson Collection
From august 3 to october 28 2001
Arthur Fellig (1899-1968), known to the world as "Weegee", wandered the early morning streets of New York in the 1930s and 1940s with his camera, often beating the police to the scene of many crimes. A selection of his best pictures.
Lei Cox
From august 2 to september 9 2001
A complex and surprising exhibit featuring video works by Lei Cox. The recurring themes of his experimental works are time, sound, the repetition of images...
Take a Seat : American Chair Design
From august 2 to october 28 2001
Design from Colonial times to the present
Snakes and ladders
From august 1 to 30 2001
A good selection of snakes and ladders join to literature, mainly chidly as the worltour in 80 days, Robinson Crusoë, the great heroes of Walt Disney or Tintin.
Dress Rehearsal: Origins of The Costume Institute
From august 1 to october 28 2001
For the first time since its inception in 1937, over 75 items, drawn from the Museum of Costume Art Collection are on display. Various elements such as Queen Alexandra wardrobe or 20th century haute couture explore the foundation of costumes [...]
Paul Gauguin and Friends
From august 1 to 31 2001
Works by Paul Gauguin, Emile Bernard, Paul-Emile Colin and Georges Lacombe....
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