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#55 - from 12 July 2007 to 5 September 2007


Summer showers will bring Autumn events

The editorial staff from artaujourdhui.info is taking a short break before diving right back into the Autumn's artistic heat. The truce will be clearly broken as of 1st September: on that day, openings over two continents will include the biennial event of Porto Alegre and the very awaited retrospective on Arcimboldo at the museum of the Luxembourg gardens. Septembre will also see the world rugby cup, accompanied by artistic offers such as a "Mêlée des cultures"(Fray of cultures) at the musée du Quai Branly. Will this be enough to shadow another very awaited event that month - the massive arrival of ceramic Chinese soldiers at the British Museum? Between the Collectors' Fair in Paris, the biennial events of Lyons and Istanbul and the retrospectives of Rubens (in Brussels), and Lee Miller and Millais (in London), there will be plenty of reasons for traveling.
Octobre will be as usual, rich in fairs with the Frieze in London and the Fiac in Paris. The Louvre will look into the Safavid dynasty, the Belvédère museum in Vienna will present a "Vienna-Paris" exhibition, which we hope will be in the same spirit as the major confrontations at the Centre Pompidou (Paris-Moscou, Paris-Berlin, etc) and the Grand Palais will show Courbet. But there will also be Hodler at the musée d'Orsay, Fragonard at the Jacquemart-André museum, Titian in Vienna: the list of monographic exhibitions is long. We will have time to look into all of these following a lovely summer parenthesis. Enjoy your Summer!


Tribute to Barcelona

SAINT-PAUL-DE-VENCE - As the Metropolitan Museum in New York just showed the artistic vitality of Barcelona at the beginning of the XXth century, the Maeght foundation will continue with the period right after the war up to our days, through some fifty creators. The links between Maeght and Barcelona, partly created through Miró, shown for the first time in Paris in 1947, led incidentally to the opening of a gallery on site in 1964. In a city under Franco's yoke, that no longer had the right to speak its own language, art became one of the vectors of resistance. Through an avant-garde magazine like Dau al Set or experimental movements such as Grupo Treball, the link with Europe was maintained. While we see some well-known names such as Mirò (1893-1983) of course, that gives us a point of reference throughout the exhibition, Tàpies, born in 1923, or Barceló, born in 1957 – the interest in this exhibition is the number of unknown artists -at least in France - that it puts up in front, such as Joan Brossa (1919-1998) and his poems-objects, Joan-Josep Tharrats (1918-2001), Alberto Ràfols-Casamada (born in 1923) or Josep Guinovart (born in 1927). All the way to the young generation, born after 1960, with Jaime Pitarch, Eulàlia Valldosera, Naia Del Castillo.

  • Barcelone 1947-2007 at the fondation Maeght from 7 July to 4 November

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  • Krugier's treasures

    MUNICH – Jan Krugier, based in Geneva, is known as one of the greatest gallery owners of our time. His reputation as a collector is also well founded but not as easy to confirm… The Hypo Kunsthalle now offers us the opportunity by showing one of the largest selections seen to date, with nearly 250 works. Born in 1928 inm a Jewish family in Poland of which he was the sole survivor from the concentration camps, young Jan settled in Switzerland at the end of the war. He had decided to become an artist and befriended Alberto Giacometti whom he traveled to Paris with in 1947. It was there that he abandoned his first love and decided to become an art dealer. Jan Krugeier's first purchae, together with his wife, was a drawing by Seurat in 1968. After that they gathered a collection that goes through time and space. From the masters of the Renaissance of Ferrara (Cosmè Tura)to Robert Rauschenberg, from a anatomy study by Rubens to a still life by Cezanne, from a work in pastels by Manet to a watercolor by Klee, without omitting "primitive" art, the spectrum of this dialogue of cultures is very wide.

  • The eternal eye, from Rembrandt to Picasso, masterpieces from Jan Krugier and Marie-Anne Krugier-Poniatowski's collection at the Hypo Kunsthalle from 20 July to 7 October

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  • Gonzalez, the man of iron

    PARIS – From crafstman in wrought iron to great inspirer in sculpture after the war: such is the orignal destiny of Julio González (1876-1942) retraced at the Centre Pompidou. The museum holds one of the most beautiful collections of the artist's work. The fund was reinforced in 2003 with a Tête en profondeur through the sponsorship of Pernod Ricard, but benefitted in particular from the bequests of Roberta, Julio González's daughter (who married Hans Hartung) and loans from the González inheritance. His beginnings, with drawings in the aesthetics of Puvis de Chavannes, could not help us foresse what was to come, the famous sculptures in cut-out iron from the thirties, that would influence David Smith or César. His science of soldering and welding could have limited him to be nothing more than a good jeweller. Instead it projected him in another direction through his «symbiotic» collaboration with Picasso, as of 1928. By bending and cutting iron to make minimalist but recognizable forms, González then became, in the precise words of a critic of that time, the «sculptor of the void».

  • Julio González at the Centre Pompidou, from 4 July to 8 October 2007

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    Norman Dilworth Rods, 1970 tubes métalliques et peinture atelier de l'artiste photo P. Bernard

    Norman Dilworth: art as an exact science

    LE CATEAU CAMBRESIS – He is one of the followers of Auguste Herbin: born in 1931, Norman Dilworth pushed geometric abstraction very far (strangely enough, he also got closer physically to the master of Cambrai since he recently moved to Lille after living in Amsterdam). After some first figurative drawings inspired by Giacometti, Dilworth has explored with relentless rigor the creation of geometric forms over the last forty years. His art consists in repeating, assembling or swaping precise modules, sometimes with the help of mathematical formulas. He did it on paper, on cloth and in three dimensions, as we can currently see at the musée Matisse of Cateau-Cambrésis, in an exhibition of 60 pieces of which four, large dimension, metal sculptures.


    Vollard's journal

    We are often adviced to pack for the Summer a thrilling novel peopled with colourful characters, and lots of action. Well, here we have it for you! The memoires of one of the most important art dealers of the XXth century, Ambroise Vollard (1866-1939). His appearance as we see it on the cover of the book in the portrait Renoir did of him – cufflinks, Napoléon III-style beard and a respectable bald spot –augur a boring inventory by an equally boring bourgeois. It is not at all the case. Vollard's freedom of tone and his sense of humour are remarkable and he uses them both in recounting his personal life – his father choosing the homeliest English tutors in order not to awaken his libido – as well as his relations with the artists – from Félicien Rops opening the door of his workshop in the nude to Degas requesting, when invited to dinner, a meal without butter and women without perfume. Behind these anecdotes there are of course the links forged with the greatest artists (Cézanne, Renoir, le douanier Rousseau, Picasso) and collectors (Pellerin, Havemeyer), who serve as a backdrop to his memories. Appended to this new edition of the work from 1937, one can read an interesting note, that rings close to home: «Can one make the prices of paintings go up?».

  • Souvenirs d’un marchand de tableaux, by Ambroise Vollard, Albin Michel, 2007, 432 p., ISBN : 978-2-226-15867-3, 20 €

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    CONDE-SUR-NOIREAU - The city in Normandy has just inaugurated a museum dedicated to cartoonist Charles Léandre (1862-1934). Its collection includes over 250 works.

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    LISBON - Seven new wonders of the world have just been chosen by net surfers all over the planet. There is Chichen Itza, Macchu Picchu and the Corcovado but neither the Acropolis nor the pyramids of Gizeh are listed...

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    LONDON - The British Museum has announced it will build in the heart of London, at Montague Place, a new centre to host large temporary exhibitions. The architect would be Lord Rogers.

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    LONDON - During the auctions of antique art on July 5 and 6 a painting by Raphael,the portrait of Lorenzo de' Medici, was sold for 37.3 million $. The owner had bought it for 325 $, four decades ago...

    PARIS - The ADAGP, that represents sculptors from 43 countries, and Artprice, with data bases that hold the results from auctions throughout the world, have just reached an agreement that will allow the public to consult on line works by the artists at the same time as their quoted price, in the context of an "Artprice images" subscription. The artists will receive a fee for the works represented.

    The website of ArtPrice

    PHILADELPHIA - Montgomery County has announced it will take the Barnes foundation to court, in order to prevent it from leaving the Philadelphia suburbs, where it is at present, and going downtown.



    VEVEY -The musée Jenisch presents a selection of 113 prints by Erik Desmazières that allow us to enter his world, where fantastic towns stand next to imaginary cities and cabinets de curiosités, in the style of Callot or Monsù Desiderio.

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    LONDON -The Royal Academy shows how the Impressionists, between 1860 and 1870, transformed the traditional image of the sea and its coasts. To better enhance this revolution, more traditional paintings by Whistler or Cazin, painted for the Salon, are put opposite them.

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    CAEN -The musée de Normandie, keen on presenting the artistic creation of European regions the public at large does not know well, focuses here on Eastern Slovakia and its Baroque treasures. The nearly 50 pieces in wood are form the museum of Kosice, and include altarpieces and polychrome statues of saints.

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    Two months from now, the third edition of SALON DU COLLECTIONNEUR

    The 3rd edition of the Salon du collectionneur (Collector's Fair), organised at the Grand Palais alternatively with the Biennale des antiquaires, will be held from 15 to 23 September. With a clear pedagogic objective, it hosts 124 international galleries, of which 46 new ones, grouped together by specialists.

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    SALZBURG -Organised by the persons in charge of the Moscow Fair, the 1st edition of the Salzburg World Fine Arts Fair will open on 27 July in the prestigious framework of the residence of the princes-archbishops, with some thirty international art dealers presenting a wide array of specialties from ancien to modern art, including tribal art.

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