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Benjamin Sabatier, peinture en kit

Benjamin Sabatier, kit painting
From march 5 to june 14 2003
Contemporary art
Benjamin Sabatier suggests a new exhibiting concept: kits containing thumbtacks and awls are sold to the public so that it may replace the artist in creating the work. In parallel, Sabatier's works, done complemtely with thumbtacks, cover the gallery's walls.

Noirmont Prospect

15, rue Jean Mermoz
75008 Paris - France

Téléphone 01 40 75 00 34
Fax 01 40 75 03 35
Web http:/ /
Hours :
Horaire(s) d'ouverturefrom 12 pm to 7 pm
Sunday, Bank holidays, Monday
Benjamin Sabatier, Painting in kit, BRJ 2269, 2002, drawing pin, cardbox and explanatory leaflet. Original work of a 3 pieces edition, diameter 76 cm, © Benjamin Sabatier, courtesy galerie Noiremont Prospect, Paris
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