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Mad, bad and dangerous: The cult of Lord Byron

From march 14 to may 26 2003
The exhibit brings together more than one hundred pieces (paintings, photographs,letters, manuscripts, clothings...) and examines the different influences that affected the poet with writers such as Oscar Wilde, or popular culture stars such as James Dean.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

1 Queen Street
EH2 1JD Edimbourg - Grande-Bretagne

Téléphone 0131-624 6200
Fax 0131-343 3250
Web http:/ /
Hours :
Horaire(s) d'ouverturefrom 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday, New Year`s Day from 12 pm to 5 pm
Christmas Day, Boxing Day
Admission :
Free : for everyone
Publication : Fiona McCarthy, Byron: Life and Legend, 2002, John Murray Publishers, 640 p., 74 ill., £25.
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