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Correspondances : Gustave Le Gray / Pierre Soulage, Gustave Courbet / Tony Oursler

From october 26 2004 to january 23 2005
Contemporary art
19th c. art (1848-1914)
Included in correspondance between the past and the present, the Orsay museum presents its collections through the eye of a contemporary artist. This is the principle of this first series of events in which two guest artists chose a work of art from the second half of the XIXth century and begin a dialogue while offering one of their creations.

Musée d' Orsay

1, rue de la Légion d'Honneur
75007 Paris - France

Téléphone 01 40 49 48 14
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Hours :
From june 21 to september 21
Horaire(s) d'ouverturefrom 9 am to 6 pm
Thursday from 9 am to 9:45 pm
From september 22 to june 20
Horaire(s) d'ouverturefrom 10 am to 6 pm
Thursday from 10 am to 9:45 pm
Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm
Armistice Day 1918 (november, 11)
Admission :
Admission fee : 7.5 €
Concessions : 5.5 € 18-25, Vacation checks, Families, Museum friends
Free : 1st sunday of the month, Unemployed, Teachers, Art school students, Under 18
Museums-monuments pass 1 day : 15 € valid for all the museums in the city
Museums-monuments pass 3 days : 30 € valid for all the museums in the city
Museums-monuments pass 5 days : 45 € valid for all the museums in the city
Special concessions : 5 € Sunday
Tony Oursler, Studio: Seven Months of My Aesthetic Education (Plus Some) Featuring Artworks and Appearances by Robert Altman, Sandra Antelo-Suarez, John Baldessari, Erika Beckman, Jean Bernier, Sergio Bertincini, Louise Bourque, David Bowie, Wendy Brando, Allison Card, Vanessa Carreras, Tony Conrad, Constance DeJong, Matt Dunn, Tom, Jennifer, and Rachel Eccles, Karl Heinz Essl, Matt Fanuele, Amy Gartrell, Joe Gibbons, Barbara Goldstein, Kim Gordon, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Dan Graham, Jesse Hamerman, Rachel Harrison, Tom Heman, Frederick Hintz, Jonathan Horowitz, Jacqueline Humphries, Joanne James, Elizabeth Janus, Richard Julin, Mike Kelley, Michael Kimmelman, Rem Koolhaas, Tony Labat, Margo Leavin, Jean-Pierre Lehmann, James Lingwood, Kelly Mason, David Maupin, Zita Mellon, John Miller, Larry Miller, Jacqueline Miro-Abreu, Thurston Moore, Jack Oursler, James Oursler, Fulton and Noel Oursler, Linda Post, Jeff Preiss, Rob Pruitt, Rebecca Quayman, Kaare Rafoss, Jimmy Raskin, Blake Rayne, Janelle Reiring, Aura Rosenberg, Deborah Rothschild, Pravin Sathe, Julia Scher, Jim Shaw, Gary Simmons, Mike Smith, Barbara Sukova, Diana Thayer, Joshua Thorson, Jim Thurwell, Christine Van Assche, Stephen Vitiello, Tracy Leipold and Georgia, Charline von Heyl, JD Walsh, Joel Wax, Marnie Weber, Lawrence and Alice Weiner, Helene Winer, Woody, B. Wurtz, 2004, mis technique with video, 361 x 598 cm, private collection © Tony Oursler
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