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Obras maestras del romanico. Esculturas del Valle de Boi

Roman Catalogne. Sculptures of Val de Voï
From january 18 to march 20 2005
Middle Ages Art, Renaissance
Included in the World Patrimony, the Val de Boi in the Spanish Pyrenees was, in the XIIth century, the crib of an exceptional artistic creation, large frescoes, sculptues. The sculpted ensembles we discovered thanks to the Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris are presented in the middle of the treasures of their museum of origin.

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Christ de Mig-Aran (fragment of body), polychromatic Wood; 0,65 x 0,40 m, Church Sant Miquel de Viella, Val d' Aran (results from the church in ruin of Santa Maria of Mig-Aran, Viella, Val d' Aran) © RMN
Catalogue, éditons de la RMN, 128 pages