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Péquignot et Girodet : une amitié artistique

Péquignot and Girodet: an artistic friendship
From september 27 to december 31 2005
Modern art
Péquignot met Girodet in Rome in 1790. A true friendship developed between David's two former students. They fled to Naples in 1793 but for health reasons Girodet left the city n 1794, while Péqignot set up there definitely. While the latter showed a true interest in the landscape, Girodet painted very few landscapes in Italy for lack of time. The exhibit puts Girodet's rare landscapes next to the very beautiful historiated landcapes by Péquignot in which he focused on the atmosphere effects as well as on the details of the vegetation.

Musée National Magnin

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Jean-Pierre Péquignot, The night, 1800, oil of canvas, 63 x 90 cm, Castel Fuschl Collection (Austria)
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