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Matisse, une seconde vie

Henri Matisse - A new life!
From march 16 to july 17 2005
Modern art
Matisse referred to his later work as his "second life". This exhibit focuses on that period. A period of work marked by a deep renewal and an extraordinary development of his art, characterized by a bursting of pure colors and abstraction that increasingly tends towards the sign and the arabesque. It brings together some one hundred works by the painter on a great variety of supports: oils on canvas, cut-out gouaches, drawings, models of illustrated books, tapestries.

Musée du Luxembourg

19, rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris - France

Téléphone 01 42 34 25 95
Fax 01 46 36 61 62
Web http:/ /
Hours :
Horaire(s) d'ouverturefrom 11 am to 7 pm
Thursday from 11 am to 10 pm
Admission :
Admission fee : 6.71 €
Concessions : 5.18 €
Henri Matisse, The sheaf, 1953, gouache ans collage on canvas, 294 x 350 cm, UCLA Collection, Hammer museum, gift of Mr and Mrs Sidney Brody, photo Robert Wedemeyer © Succession H. Matisse
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