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La prédication de la Madeleine

The preaching of the Madeleine
From may 6 2005 to january 31 2006
Religious art
The preaching of Marie Madeleine, an oil on wood, is onze of the treasures of the musuem of Vieux-Marseille. This part of the painting, of which the other elements have disappeared, offers one of the oldest representations of the city in the XVIth century.

Musée du Vieux Marseille

Maison Diamantée
2, rue de la Prison
13002 Marseille - France

Téléphone 04 91 55 28 68
Fax 04 91 55 28 66
Web http:/ / vivre/ culture/ musees/ vieuxmar.htm
Hours :
From june 1 to september 30
Horaire(s) d'ouverturefrom 10 am to 5 pm
Bank holidays, Monday
Madeleine's preaching, circa 1513, allocated to Antoine Ronzen, oil on wood, Deposit of the National Museum of the Middle Ages of Cluny, Paris © Gérard Bonnet
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