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Matisse-Derain, Collioure 1905 Un été fauve

Matisse-Derain, Collioure 1905 The fauve summer
From october 22 2005 to january 22 2006
Modern art
Why and how did Matisse and Derain, set up for a few months during the summer of 1905 at Collioure, dare paint in such a new manner that they became the main actors of the first artistic revolution of the XXth century, "Fauvism"? Some 100 paintings, watercolors and drawings from all over the world-among them many master pieces- present for the first time the artistic adventure that would make Western art swing into modernity. A remarkable exhibition and, in Matisse's place of birth, a museum that is worth the trip.

Musée Matisse

Palais Fénelon
59360 Le Cateau-Cambrésis - France

Téléphone 03 59 73 38 00
Fax 03 59 73 38 00
Web http:/ /
Hours :
Horaire(s) d'ouverturefrom 10 am to 6 pm
New Year`s Day, Labour day (May, 1st), , Christmas Day, Easter
Admission :
Free : 1st sunday of the month, Teachers, Under 18, for local
Admission fee : 7 €
Concessions : 3.5 € , Pass, , Students, Adult groups, over 60
Henri Matisse, Les toits de Collioure, 1905, oil on canvas, 59,5 x 73 cm, L'Ermitage, Musée d’État, Saint-Petersbourg, Localization : El Morer - Le Mouré -under Fort Mirador © Succession H. Matisse
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