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Monet's London: Artist's reflections on the Thames, 1859-1914

From october 2 to december 31 2005

London's foggy atmosphere and its imposing architecture inspired Claude Monet to create a great number of his impressionist master pieces. The exhibit presents these spectacular works accompanied by paintings, water colors and photographs by his contemporaries: 125 works by European and American artists fascinated by London at the eve of the XXth century.

Baltimore Museum of Art

10 Art Museum Drive
Baltimore, Maryland
21218 3898 Baltimore - États-Unis

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Admission fee :  7 $
Concessions :  5 $ over 65, Students
Free : 1st Thursday of the month, Under 18, Museum friends
Claude Monet, House of Parliament, Effect of fog, 1903, oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bequest of Julia W. Emmons, 1956
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