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Dernier jour ! Jeppe Hein, Labyrinthe invisible

Last day!Jeppe Hein, Invisible labyrinth
On november 14 2005
Contemporary art
This unique project of the Danish artist returns to the dematerialisation of the work of art, typical of minimal art. It is a virtual labyrinth in which the visitor sees nothing, the space is empty. And yet he runs into dead ends when he tries to cross. A device allows him to find his way. The visitor becomes a medium even for the work and he carries out a sort of dance in the empty space thus creating the work of art itself.

Espace 315

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges Pompidou
75191 Paris - France

Téléphone 01 44 78 12 33
Web http:/ /
Hours :
Horaire(s) d'ouvertureEvery Day from 11 am to 9 pm
Admission :
Admission fee : 7 €
Concessions : 5 €
Free : Permanent pass
Jeppe Hein, Simplified Mirror Labyrinth, 2005, Kunstverein Kehdingen, Freiburg, Danemark, Photo credit: Carl Henrik Tillberg
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