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Le Petit Atelier Magritte

Raffaella Russo Ricci

René Magritte, whose museum has just been opened in Brussels, is a blessing for children. Just as in Alice in Wonderland, each image can be interpreted in various manners. This small hardback book gives a number of leads. Why does Magritte reuse motifs such as little bells, the bird-leaf, the ball and cup game, or the derby hat? What is the meaning of strange phrases such as - «This is not a pipe» - or words disconnected from the objects they accompany – «storm» placed next to a glass? While adults prefer an intellectual comprehension of art, the younger generation is invited to experiment: why not launch oneself into some game of cadavres exquis (exquisite corpses)?

• Le Petit Atelier Magritte by Raffaella Russo Ricci, Hazan, 2009, 48 p., 12 €, ISBN : 978-2-754-103671

Le Petit Atelier Magritte - Raffaella Russo Ricci

Review published in the newsletter #138 - from 18 June 2009 to 24 June 2009

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