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Antonio Saura par lui-même

Archives Antonio Saura

The brother of movie director Carlos Saura, Antonio Saura produced throughout his life (1930-1998) an abundant work, combining painting, drawing, photography and writing, marked by resounding controversies (such as that of the pamphlet Contre Guernica, published when Picasso’s painting arrived in Spain). In order to decipher the way he operates (scratching, superimpositions, accumulations), his use of a very large array of images (reproductions of past masters, images of concentration camps, photos of pin-ups) and the succession of his favorite themes (ladies, crucifixions, crowds, shrouds, etc…), he is surely the best guide. This work gathers together the «glosses» written by Saura throughout his career, which are a true literary work in themselves, both documentary and poetic. The whole is very widely illustrated. • Antonio Saura par lui-même, archives Antonio Saura / éditions 5 Continents, 2009, 432 p., 50 €, ISBN : 978-88-7439-510-1

Antonio Saura par lui-même - Archives Antonio Saura

Review published in the newsletter #136 - from 4 June 2009 to 10 June 2009

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