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La Culture en clandestins. L’UX

Lazar Kunstman

The success of L’insurrection qui vient (The future uprising)-at the La Fabrique publishing house on the new modes of political intervention proves the issue of clandestin acts is at the heart of the debate. Does this justify it? The present essay, or rather pamphlet, that shows its application in the field of culture, could incite certain people to accept. It evokes, with personal declarations, the activity of defense groups or groups that give value to national heritage, who work at the margin of the law. Their surrealist names – one is called the Perforating Mexican – hide real commandos capable of specialized interventions. We learn how a secret movie theater was set up in 2004 under the Palais de Chaillot for a movie festival on the city. The description of the clandestine restauration of the clock of the Panthéon, in 2006, is a classic. It shows that certain administrators are ready to consider with interest these actions that are carried out to give our national heritage its status of public property…

• La Culture en clandestins. L’UX by Lazar Kunstman, Hazan, 2009, 200 p., ISBN : 978-2-75410-3411, 18 €

La Culture en clandestins. L’UX - Lazar Kunstman

Review published in the newsletter #129 - from 16 April 2009 to 22 April 2009

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