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Le monde des Egyptiens

directed by Marie-Ange Bonhême and Luc Pfirsch

Christmas is on its way and the Pharaohs will make a fortune again: in the fine-arts editions they are, like large exhibitions, one of the rare sure values. We know that a huge Egyptian museum is in the making near the pyramids, and it is no secret the alley of the Sphinx is undergoing a real cosmetic face lifting in Luxor (the residents have been moved away in order not to interrupt the pleasure of the tourists). But we also know that now one of the main reasons for travelling to Egypt are the beaches of the Red Sea aside from the pyramids… In short, Egyptology is increasingly enjoyed at a distance and the vademecums are rather numerous. The one by Larousse has the qualities one expects from the well-known publishing house: serious, complete, with wonderful maps and drawn reconstructions. There is always a bias towards stones, towards the monumental aspect and the statues – we would like to see more of Toutankhamon’s sandals! – but we do get a glimpse of the love life, funerals, satirical songs and corruption at the time of Ramses V. This needs to be completed with the re-reading of Herodotus…

• Le monde des Egyptiens, directed by Marie-Ange Bonhême and Luc Pfirsch, Larousse, 2008, 360 p., 49 €, ISBN : 978-2-03-583311-2

Le monde des Egyptiens - directed by Marie-Ange Bonhême and Luc Pfirsch

Review published in the newsletter #111 - from 27 November 2008 to 3 December 2008

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