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Fabian Cerredo

Emmanuel Daydé and Françoise Monnin

He died in 2005 at the age of 48, blown away by a devastating cancer, leaving a wife and four children. Those who knew him remember a voluble, enthusiastic and generous man. Those who are interested in painting will miss a talented artist who had the time to create an abundant work. Born in Buenos Aires, Fabian Cerredo married in his art the South American hyperbole and European introspection – if this type of categorization has any sense. On the one side carnal and abundant series inspired from One hundred years of solitude or from Gargantua with flowering women and untouched forests. On the other side we see technically impressionist portraits referring to Vélasquez or Bacon, scenes from operas or from mythology. And ever present, the abundant paste, a heavy texture modelled practically like a low relief. This book, by authors who knew him and do not hide their passion for him, brings him back to life: a first step towards a catalogue raisonné?

• Fabian Cerredo, by Emmanuel Daydé and Françoise Monnin, introduction by Zoé Valdés and Fernando Arrabal, published by éditions de l’abbaye d’Auterive, 2008, 240 p., 53 €, ISBN : 2-9524823-5-7

Fabian Cerredo - Emmanuel Daydé and Françoise Monnin

Review published in the newsletter #94 - from 12 June 2008 to 18 June 2008