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Les enfants d’Abraham

Photographies d’Abbas

Abbas, born in Iran and residing in Paris is one of the most famous photographer from the Magnum Agency. For over a quarter of a century he has travelled the world for news. That is a short period of time but long enough for him to see the fall of the great political ideologies. What has replaced them? A reappearance of the religious feeling tha does not express itself only in Islamic countries. This trip in black and white, through the major monotheist religion, takes s from the schools of the Koran in Gresik in Indonesia to the science faculty in Cairo (a veiled woman studying with a microscope), from evangelist militants with Billy Graham to clashes in former Yougoslavia. Very few texts, but the images are often enough to show that religion is affirmed less as a message of peace than as a potential vector for violence...

• 29163550, Intervalles publishing house, 2006, ISBN: 2916355014, 29€

Les enfants d’Abraham - Photographies d’Abbas

Review published in the newsletter #17 - from 5 October 2006 to 11 October 2006

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