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Vu, le magazine photographique

Michel Frizot, Cédric de Veigy

It marked the thirties by closely following the rise of Nazism, the Spanish war, the passion for sports and the major technical and scientific adventures (aviation, cars, exploring). With «provocative» covers, the magazine turned to the best photographers (Germaine Krull, Eli Lotar, Robert Capa whose famous photos of the militiaman dying in combat appeared in the 445 issue dated 23 September 1936) and it also called upon the best writers (Colette, Philippe Soupault, André Maurois, Bertrand de Jouvenel). The magazine Vu, by Lucien Vogel, had a predominant influence on the evolution of printed magazines. And its courage still surprises us today: on 23 April 1932, the cover signed by Maximilien Vox, which frames Hitler, is written over with a huge «We are done for». In this volume that retraces all the history of Vu from 1928 to 1940, one simply regrets the facsimiles are sometimes too small to be easily read and that not all the articles were systematically reproduced. This well proves that seventy years later we are still incited by these splash headlines…

Vu, le magazine photographique, by Michel Frizot and Cédric de Veigy, La Martinière publishing house, 2009, 65 €, ISBN : 978-2-7324-3751-4

Vu, le magazine photographique - Michel Frizot, Cédric de Veigy

Review published in the newsletter #157 - from 14 January 2010 to 20 January 2010

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