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Pierre Cardin, 60 ans de création

Jean-Pascal Hesse

He is at the head of an empire which he checks on constantly. At 88, Pierre Cardin is in his office every day, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where he first arrived in 1945 directly from Vichy where he worked for the Red Cross. While today he is known for the numerous derivatives that carry his signature – perfumes, glasses, furniture or scarves – in the sixties he was one of the fashion designers most in vogue in Europe, as he dressed the Beatles and was on the front page of Paris Match in 1969 or of Time magazine in 1974. This book traces briefly, in a friendly manner (the author directs the press service of the fashion home) a career that developed throughout the continents, and presents some of his main models: hats in the shape of skylights, target- dresses, trapeze shaped dresses, suits with wide sleeves… We only regret one thing, that his link with the visual arts is hardly mentioned. Pierre Cardin was a friend of Restany, Yves Klein, and had a remarkable collection including works by Bacon, Léger, de Chirico…

Pierre Cardin, 60 ans de création by Jean-Pascal Hesse, Assouline, 2010, 176 p., 65 €

Pierre Cardin, 60 ans de création - Jean-Pascal Hesse

Review published in the newsletter #165 - from 11 March 2010 to 17 March 2010

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