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Guide des peintres à Paris

Frédéric Gaussen

We knew Picasso ryhms with the Bateau-Lavoir, Modigliani with the Grande-Chaumière or Gen-Paul with Montmartre. Just like we learned the presence of Gustave Moreau in the XVIIth arrondissement since his workshop became a museum with his name. But what about all the others? Who can remember that Philippe de Champaigne «painter and valet» (the Queen mother’s, no less) lived on quai de Bourbon? Who remembers that the painting Orgie parisienne by Thomas Couture represents a dinner at the restaurant «La maison dorée» on boulevard des Italiens? Who knows that Kees Van Dongen decorated his own apartment on rue de Courcelles? Or that Max Ernst had a lovely terrace on boulevard Saint-Michel? We suspect a few gaps, as there is nothing on rue Daguerre nor on place Monge. Nevertheless, the mass of information is very impressive and allows the reader to look at it two ways: by location, of course, but also by artist with the help of a very rich index.

Guide des peintres à Paris by Frédéric Gaussen, Editions du patrimoine, 2010, 496 p., 39 €

Guide des peintres à Paris - Frédéric Gaussen

Review published in the newsletter #178 - from 10 June 2010 to 16 June 2010

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