Stephen Wilson

If we are to believe this essay, we would affirm that art and science are linked. Under the following chapters - «Living Systems», «Human Biology», «Robotics», «Algorithms», and others, it shows how artistic creation closely follows scientific progress. And vice versa. From Kira O’Reilly, who took samples of her own blood by using glass balls, to Garnet Hertz, who has a cockroach from Madagascar manipulate a robot, contemporary creation aims at being at the forefront of research. Bar codes, robotic clothing, digital creatures, interactive microbes or facial simulators: our ancestors’ scissors and brushes are put away in the attic and the computer is the new «indispensable» medium. And in the while it sets a few burning questions on the dangers of bio-engineering or the simple concept of beauty…

Art+Science, by Stephen Wilson, Thames & Hudson, 2010, 38 €.

Art+Science - Stephen Wilson

Review published in the newsletter #181 - from 1 July 2010 to 7 July 2010

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