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Another Country

Rip Hopkins and Pauline de La Boulaye

Ever since the Hundred Years’ war, the Brits have nourished a weakness for the former Guyenne and its surroundings. Photographer Rip Hopkins, a well-known member of the Vu agency, went out to meet them in the land of foie gras and potatoes “Sarlat” style, a.k.a. the Dordogne region. As he shares these origins, he sees his uprooted and re-rooted compatriots in a different manner, with just the right dose of eccentricity to render them touching to us. His photographs of them doing headstands in the glebe, posing in their bathrobes in front of a motorcycle, naked on a draft animal, in the bathtub or in a flowered dress in a tree, they seem close to us while remaining, all in all, incomprehensible. The text written by the photographer’s (French) girlfriend gives us some additional keys to unveil this immemorial mystery, what is an Englishman?

Another Country, Photographs by Rip Hopkins, text by Pauline de La Boulaye, Filigranes, 2010, 128 p., 35 €.

Another Country - Rip Hopkins and Pauline de La Boulaye

Review published in the newsletter #186 - from 30 September 2010 to 6 October 2010

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