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Architecture Low Cost Low Tech

Alessandro Rocca

The economic crisis, pauperization and the squandering of resources are actually a golden opportunity for architects. They push them to seek viable and aesthetic solutions to meet tight budget constraints, lack of space and availability of materials. Various examples are brought forward here, showing a surprising inventiveness. From Japanese houses built on parcels less than 3 meters wide (Tehuto and Shuei Endo) to the low cost houses in Chile by Alejandro Aravena to substitute for illicit constructions, public housing in Mulhouse by Lacaton and Vassal, inspired by metallic markets, to the social centre in Burkina-Faso in bricks set up without mortar (Fare Studio), the range of possibilities is unlimited. As long as one does not refuse to recycle and intervene personally, one can live in something solid while feeling we are doing our share to protect the planet…

Architecture Low Cost Low Tech by Alessandro Rocca, Actes Sud, 2010, 224 p., 29 €.

Architecture Low Cost Low Tech - Alessandro Rocca

Review published in the newsletter #194 - from 25 November 2010 to 1 December 2010

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