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Louvre secret et insolite

Daniel Soulié

The Louvre, its 35 000 objects shown (and over 400 000 in the reserves), its 60 000 m2 of exhibition rooms, its 8.8 million visitors (in 2011)… The figures of the most visited museum in the world make one’s head spin. The systematic visitor would need a life time and an infallible organization to see everything. We can limit ourselves to certain eras, or certain departments. Or, as is suggested in this book, follow one’s curiosity and search for the unusual to organize a treasure hunt: find the oldest object of the collection (a Neolithic stone 9000 years old), the painting that can be looked at forward and backwards (a Daniele da Volterra), make an appointment on the Minister’s staircase, in the room with the Seven Chimneys or in the room of the Caryatides, where the body of the only sovereign who died at the Louvre (Henri IV) was exposed…

Louvre secret et insolite by Daniel Soulié, Parigramme, 2011, 196 p., 19 €.

Louvre secret et insolite - Daniel Soulié

Review published in the newsletter #243 - from 26 January 2012 to 1 February 2012

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