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Vladimir Velickovic

Texts by Bernard Noël and Alin Avila

He is from that generation of artists from former Yugoslavia who went through the Resistance and then the horrors of the war, Tito’s era, a new bloody conflict, the dismembering of the federation and its almost unavoidable corollary, voluntary exile. Velickovic was born in Belgrade in 1935, settled in Paris since 1966, and like his ex-compatriots Dado or Lauba, he fed his work with that heritage of violence, of nostalgia and of the loss of his roots. The large, 5 kg work shows his itinerary since 1954 and the repetition of certain themes, mutilated heads, decapitated men, rats, Hitchcock style crows, mounts of members, all in tones of black and red. This is not simple “Balkan cruelty” as says the author Alin Avila, but rather a plunge into the most disrupting and putrid aspect of man’s condition, in line with the work of Soutine, Bacon or Rustin.

Vladimir Velickovic, texts by Bernard Noël and Alin Avila, Gourcuff-Gradenigo publishing home and galerie Samantha Sellem, 2013, €120

Vladimir Velickovic - Texts by Bernard Noël and Alin Avila

Review published in the newsletter #304 - from 23 May 2013 to 29 May 2013

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