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Guerra grafica, Espagne 1936-1939

Michel Lefebvre-Peña

The war in Spain was in a way a “pioneer” from many points of view, for example in the use of planes, of which the shelling of Guernica is the most tragic example. It was also the first war that was so covered by the media– the wires from Hemingway and Kessel, the photos by Robert Capa, Gerda Taro or Chim prove it. Through posters and typography, the war continues through other forms. Based on the author’s rich collection, the work shows creativity was brilliantly put to serve a cause with the drawings and prints by Frans Masereel, George Grosz and Géo Ham, the photomontages by John Heartfield or the posters by Miró. We discover a few curiosities such as these trains painted with giant manifestoes or the anti-Franco slogans in US chewing-gums! The fact the Republicans clearly won the propaganda war did not affect the end of the conflict in any way. As Albert Camus wrote: “It was in Spain that my generation learned one can be right and yet be beaten (…)”

Guerra grafica, Espagne 1936-1939, by Michel Lefebvre-Peña, Editions de la Martinière, 2013, 320 p., €69.

Guerra grafica, Espagne 1936-1939 - Michel Lefebvre-Peña

Review published in the newsletter #334 - from 20 February 2014 to 26 February 2014

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