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Une histoire. Art, architecture et design

Directed by Christine Macel

In other times, museums never touched their permanent collection, and were content to add new purchases, one at a time. This has changed in contemporary art and we are closer to the concept of hanging their works like in galleries. This is the case in particular at the Centre Pompidou: it fishes in its bottomless collection and renews the presentation of the musée national d’Art moderne every twelve or eighteen months. The aim is to offer new points of view, to help new artists and new situations rise, in line with our times. The presentation focuses on the last thirty years and will be inaugurated on 2 July 2014, under the title “Une histoire” (A story). It groups together 200 artists and sums up a phase of major upheavals with the breakthrough of new technologies, globalisation, exaggerated nomadism, the weight of geopolitics with the fall of the Berlin Wall. From Marina Abramovic to Zhang Huan, including Zineb Sedira and Regina Galindo, we find a few known names but most of all we see new centers such as China, the Middle East or Latin America take their place.

Une histoire. Art, architecture et design, directed by Christine Macel, Flamarion/Centre Pompidou, 2014, €39.90.

Une histoire. Art, architecture et design - Directed by Christine Macel

Review published in the newsletter #354 - from 10 July 2014 to 10 September 2014

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