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Les chances de ma vie. Mémoires

Werner Spies

He went through the last half of the 20th century meeting an unfanthomal number of people. He knew Picasso and drew up the catalogue raisonné of his sculpture. He knew Max Ernst ans was one of the specialists of his art. These were the most important. But Werner Spies, who was the director of the National Museum of modern Art of the Centre Pompidou, and who we can thank for the famous exhibition Paris - Berlin in 1978, holds many other surprises. He tells us about them in his large volume of his Mémoires. But not only in the field of art. This native from Tübingen (born in 1937) also befriended Audiberti and Samuel Beckett as well as Jérôme Lindon (from the Editions de Minuit), Rossellini or Peter Handke. One reads this like a "Who’s Who", very emblematic of a time when Europe was open and cosmopolitan, which the return of nationalisms could hinder.

Les chances de ma vie. Mémoires par Werner Spies, Gallimard, 2014, 624 p. €25.

Les chances de ma vie. Mémoires - Werner Spies

Review published in the newsletter #365 - from 20 November 2014 to 26 November 2014

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