Street Art

Russ Thorne

The activity was honestly illegal just a few years ago and can still be punished in a certain number of situations. Street art has acquired its place through artists that are mediatised such as Blek le Rat, Jérôme Mesnager or Banksy. This book gives the study drawn up by the association Global Street Art which will transfer the copyrights to the artists whose works are reproduced in the book, an original way of proceeding. While the authors underline rightly so the number of instruments, not limited to aerosol sprays, chalk and paper, we would have liked to see some examples of the recent surprising tendencies such as “yam bombing” or “street knitting”. This highly illustrated journey takes us very far, to various continents, from Athens and Sarajevo to Malasia, Santiago, Cape Town or Sarasota. One regret is not to see France and New York sufficiently represented and Banksy given more importance than other creators (the book is translated from English). But the subject has become inexhaustible – the Global Street Art has an archive with 60,000 snapshots – and now it is a bit difficult to make a choice.

Street Art, by Russ Thorne, Larousse, 2014, 192 p., €25.

Street Art - Russ Thorne

Review published in the newsletter #366 - from 27 November 2014 to 3 December 2014

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