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Art et dictature au XXe siècle

Marie-Adriana Giusti and Philippe Sers

The train station in Milano, in the “Assyro-Milanese style” according to the word chosen by its critics) and the EUR district in Rome; the manly busts by Arno Breker and the muscled disc throwers shot by Leni Riefenstahl; the Moscow metro and Stalin walking around boastingly as “General Winter”; or on he walls of the Kremlin. All these images of XXth century art all have a point in common: they are the product of totalitarian regimes that exalt strength, promote a new man and condemn all dissidence to silence. The book lists for the three “iconic” countries - Italy, Germany and the USSR - the different artistic expressions. While architecture, sculpture and painting are rather well known, we discover with interest a part that was neglected but was surprisingly creative, graphics. To seduce the crowds on the heroism of their masters or the reliability of national industry, certain front row artists – Sironi, Depero, El Lissitzki – summarized in a very efficient manner the ideals of speed, strength and hardness for the Pirelli tires, the cruiser Patria, the railroad trains or the tireless steel workers.

Art et dictature au XXe siècle, by Marie-Adriana Giusti and Philippe Sers, Place des Victoires, 2014, 256 p., €39.95

Art et dictature au XXe siècle - Marie-Adriana Giusti and Philippe Sers

Review published in the newsletter #370 - from 8 January 2015 to 14 January 2015

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