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Alain Rey and Fabienne Verdier

An ardent lexicographer and a painter fascinated by Oriental calligraphy have special ways of conversing. They simply get together around an essential theme, language. What written words say can also be expressed by a gesture. For the 50th edition of the famous Petit Robert, its creator Alain Rey worked together with Fabienne Verdier, who was trained by the great Chinese brush masters. Together they chose some essential couples of words which hold concepts from which many others may ensue. Arborescence-Allegory, Labyrinth-Liberty or Rhythm-Reflection: they open the door to wise written thought (Rey) and to signs that sum them up (Verdier). This specular and analogic procedure is very stimulating. But we must admit it is very complex. We would have appreciated a bit of a slowdown, such as Facility-Fluidity or Simplicity-Flexibility – to guide us.

Polyphonies, by Alain Rey and Fabienne Verdier, Le Robert/Albin Michel, 2017, 217 p., €59.

Polyphonies - Alain Rey and Fabienne Verdier

Review published in the newsletter #484 - from 28 September 2017 to 4 October 2017

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