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Le mystère Clouzot

Under the direction of Noël Herpe

"But you yourself are a painter?", André Parinaud asked him in 1956. He answered, with false modesty, "Hardly, proof of this is the fact that I like the paintings of others." That was of comon knowledge, simply based on his Mystère Picasso, which became a reference film, shot in 1955 at the studios de la Victorine in Nice under a scorching sun that exhausted the Andalusian painter. The real discovery in this catalogue, that accompanies the exhibition open at the Cinémathèque française until the month of July, is the number of talents of this artist accused of being sadistic. He took photographs of beautiful nude women, but not only that. His way of framing his shots and of staging them are clear. His stroke when drawing was somewhere between Picasso, Cocteau and Calder. The book reviews his whole career, his relations with the world of art - who remembers that Siné drew the press kit for his movie Espions in 1957 ? - and the remarkable movie technicians who accompanied him, among them the decorators Max Douy and René Renoux. A useful chronology would have been most welcomed.

Le mystère Clouzot, under the direction of Noël Herpe, Liénart/Cinémathèque française, 2017, 216 p., €29.

Le mystère Clouzot - Under the direction of Noël Herpe

Review published in the newsletter #501 - from 8 February 2018 to 14 February 2018

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