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Une maternité rouge

Christian Lax

Here is a comic strip that will have everyone talking. Not about the drawings – well done, whether it is Paris or the desert - nor the dialogues – which are perfectly in tune – but rather because of the scenario. The story is the encounter between the destiny of a young migrant from Mali and two specialists in radiography at the Louvre. The latter manipulate the impressive accelerator AGLAE from the C2RMF. The heroine of the story is a statuette, the exact cousin of those exposed in the Pavillon des Sessions, the Maternité rouge (Red Maternity). But, contrary to the current tendency that consists in returning these objects to their native country, this young man from Mali does everything to have the precious object leave his country that is a bloody battlefield, and head the other way so it may find refuge in the supreme sanctuary, the Louvre. This could add fuel to the fire around this lively debate.

Une maternité rouge by Christian Lax, Louvre editions/Futuropolis, 2019, 144 p., €22.

Une maternité rouge - Christian Lax

Review published in the newsletter #542 - from 7 February 2019 to 13 February 2019

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