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L’artiste contemporain et la nature,

Colette Garraud, with Mickey Boël

We were already familiar with this theme at the time of the school of Fontainebleau, or with the Impressionists and the invention of the tube of paint, but the movement of «exit from the workshops» takes on a totally different dimension in the 1960s. The artists confronted themselves to Nature, to magnify or reveal a site. Through a transversal reading by themes (Forms of water, the tree, greenhouses, theaters, labyrinths and industrial plants, etc), the authors show this commitment has also taken on colossal, heroic proportions (The Combs of the wind, rusted steel sculptures by Chillida, human nests by Marina Abramovic, granite trees by Fernando Casás in the desert of Monegros, the re-arrangement of mine sites by Bruni and Babarit) as well as minimalist and conceptual ones(the pavilions by Dan Graham or the glass steles by Emmanuel Saulnier at the cemetery of Vassieux-en-Vercors). The book is limited to Europe – not really a limit in itself - and ends with cards on the main sculpture parks, including the pioneer Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Kerguéhennec or the Fattoria di Celle near Pistoia, in Italy.

• L’artiste contemporain et la nature, par Colette Garraud, avec la collaboration de Mickey Boël, Hazan publishing house, 2007, 280 p., 55 €, ISBN : 978-2-8502-5987-6

L’artiste contemporain et la nature, - Colette Garraud, with Mickey Boël

Review published in the newsletter #68 - from 29 November 2007 to 5 December 2007

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