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Répertoire du mécénat d’entreprise 2007 Admical


The title gives away the function: this is definitely a repertoire that lists hundreds of sponsoring corporations in France. Each card gives the leaders, the amounts invested, the guiding principles in the company’s sponsorship policy, the involvement of the employees as well as – the objective is less theoretical and is aimed at persons seeking subsidies – the conditions for selecting the files. But the work goes beyond this simple "adress book" function, since it offers in its first part an assessment of sponsorship and the legal measures in France. Comments are given as well on the key figures, on the tendencies in each compartment (solidarity, sports, culture, etc), and are compared to the international situation. The conclusion? Sponsorhip is in progress in France, though it remains cautious: 1 billion euros per year (a little less than in Italy and Great Britain, ten times less than in the United States, and applies in particular to the solidarity sector (ahead of culture). The Law on incitation from 1st August 2003, with its tax exemptions, is only used by 50% of sponsoring corporations. All that is left to do now is to convince the others…

• Répertoire du mécénat d’entreprise 2007, éditions Admical, 2006, 75 €, ISBN : 2-907507-24-9

Répertoire du mécénat d’entreprise 2007 Admical - Admical

Review published in the newsletter #35 - from 22 February 2007 to 28 February 2007

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