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Le Grand Palais

Regard de Jean Monneret

In 1999, the Figaro’s headline read,«A ruin in the heart of Paris: should the Grand Palais be destroyed?» following the fall of a bolt that had considerably worried the specialists. Seven years later, the glass and metal edifice built for the Universal Exhibition in 1900 is in great shape. Artist Jean Monneret, used to the Grand Palais as he participated to various fairs there, drew up a very exciting history of the building, without limiting it to the artistic vocation of the monument, enhanced by the return of the FIAC this fall. He reviews its with cars (with fairs there from 1901 to 1961), air and space(before the exhibits at the Bourget, the public and professionals came here to discover the Farman and Potez among others), our dear children (an ephemereal Child Fair was held here during the baby boom), or household appliances- ah! the joy of a pocket Tornado vacuum cleaner! From old photographs (the gentlemen of the Fair lifting their cane to accept a painting) to the most recent illustrations (such as those by Monneret himself) we will recall above all the report drawn on the construction of the building by Louis-Charles Bombled. True artistic work!

• Le Grand Palais, regard de Jean Monneret, Réunion des musées nationaux, 2006, 144 p., ISBN : 2-7118-5191-5, 39 €.

Le Grand Palais - Regard de Jean Monneret

Review published in the newsletter #25 - from 30 November 2006 to 6 December 2006

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