Yves Klein

collection Flip Flap'Art

It is not always easy to get children interested in contemporary art. The publishing house Artissima tried it with the collection Flip-flap’art, designed by Martine César, who had shown his cretivity before at Mango. The first volume is dedicated to Yves Klein, who is the subject of a retrospective at Beaubourg. Art is a window to the world: the principle is applied here at each page, where a small round, square or rectangular porthole opens out to the work and quotation that follow. All talk of technic and chronological references are totally left aside. This is a shame because the child is left at the mercy of his sole fascination and of phrases that are often difficult («the monochrome aspect is the only physical way of reaching the spiritual absolute» or «the metaphysics of the void or Art Soul of Yves Klein »). Art also implies dialogue: let us hope that a knowledgeable adult will be around to help the child decypher…

• Yves Klein, collection Flip Flap’Art, éditions Artissima, ISBN : 2-35398-0007, 2006, 13,50 €

Yves Klein - collection   Flip Flap'Art

Review published in the newsletter #21 - from 2 November 2006 to 8 November 2006

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