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Le Jardin des Plantes

Ouvrage collectif

All Parisians know it as they must cross it o their way down to the Seine. But do they know the extent of the wealth the Jardin des Plantes holds? Not only flower beds and roses… Writer Jules Merleau-Ponty tells us, in a style that makes us nostalgic for the past, about his fascination during his youth with the diplodocus. A way of reminding everyone that the Jardin des Plantes, is not only the cedar planted by Jussieu and the Mexican greenhouse. It is also a great source of pleasure for aspiring(or not) paleontologists, with the Gallery of Evolution. And for mineralogists with the stone collections, for aesthets with its varied architectures, its watercolored plates of hummingbirds, its boxes of multicolored coleopterous insects. We could draw up a long list witout hitting the end nor using up all the charm of the place. In his sensitive introduction, Gilles Clément is right in underlining that while this garden is a tribute to intelligence, it is also and above all a «friend garden». To be checked on site during these beatiful autumn days.

• Le Jardin des Plantes, ouvrage collectif, éditions Nicolas Chaudun/éditions du Muséum, ISBN : 2-35039-023-3, 2006, 49 €

Le Jardin des Plantes - Ouvrage collectif

Review published in the newsletter #19 - from 19 October 2006 to 25 October 2006

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