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2001 - 2005, art shows throughout the world seen by ArtoftheDay

Between 2001 and 2005, ArtoftheDay published every day a calendar of art shows opening in museums throughout the world and in French speaking countries art galleries. Each notice, often illustrated, offers a short commentary and a link to the museum or gallery where the exhibition was taking place.

These thousands of notices are a precious source of information and reflect the art trends of the times. By clicking on their title you will get access to their contents.

Modern Chinese Painting, 1840-1980: Selections from the Robert H.Ellsworth Collection
From january 30 to august 19 2001
Painting at the time of radical political changes, tension between traditional and modern trends, native and foreign influences. Works by Wu Changshi, Wang Zhen, Gao, Jianfu, Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi and by well known artist Qi Baishi
Photography : Processes, Preservation, Treatment
From january 30 to may 6 2001
Collection of photographs and negatives, well preserved or time-worn, before and after restoration
The Poetry of Place: Works on Paper by Thomas Moran from the Gilcrease Museum
From january 30 to september 23 2001
Landscapes inspired by the Northeast of the US, particularly the Atlantic coast of Long Island, as well as by European castles and cities.
John Harland: New Paintings
From january 28 to april 22 2001
In this new series of paintings by John Harland, which he defines as abstract memories, forms and patterns keep recurring like dreams and reveal the artist himself.
Creighton Michael : Haiku, Innuedo
From january 28 to may 27 2001
The artist works on surfaces and organic forms. The muted and subtile colors suggest a meditative mood. The Innuedo, with their repetitive patterns, convey a reflection on space and the universe.
The School of London and their Friends, the Collection of Elaine and Melvin Merians
From january 28 to may 27 2001
The movement was founded by Bacon and Freud in the 40's and brought about a renewed vision of art, a vision deeply concerned with the human body. Among the artists on display are F.Bacon, L.Freud, M. Andrews, F. Auerbach, P. Blake, [...]
Alison Turnbull : Houses into Flats
From january 28 to april 22 2001
A series of 28 paintings which originate in architectural drawings : emergence of an imaginary town.
Roger Welch
From january 28 to may 20 2001
Three installations: Niagara Falls Project, Drive-In: Second Feature - a film and sculpture installation and a replica of the 1958 Cadillac made with tree twigs, represent the work of this conceptual artist.
Indivisible: Stories of American Community
From january 27 to april 21 2001
A collective vision of local life and action in America through the experience of twelve diverse communities and their citizens. Photographs of landscapes and portraits restitute the ordinary life in these groups...
Wolfgang Laib: Retrospective
From january 27 2001 to may 19 2002
Leib's sculptures are inspired by spiritual relationship between nature and Eastern philosophies: purity and simplicity and organic elements (marble, milk, pollen, rice, beeswax), an art rich in components.
William Kentridge : Works from Valley Collections
From january 27 to may 20 2001
The South Africa artist, William Kentridge, presents drawings, prints, film and preparatory drawings. An expressive work which tells the story of a post-industrial society and the similarity with the current state of South Africa.
Native to the Land: Photography and the North American Indian, 1870-1930
From january 27 to june 12 2001
An overview of the history of American natives during the conquest of the West. Rare collection of photos by such famous artists as Edward S. Curtis, John K.Hillers, Timothy O'Sullivan and Adam Clark Vroman.
Pop Art : U.S./U.K. Connections, 1956-1966
From january 27 to may 13 2001
Over 70 paintings, sculptures and works on paper from both continents, the exhibition brings us back to the world of Pop Art.
Les américains postmodernistes : une sélection. , ,
From january 27 to may 13 2001
The Pop Art generation leaves us a rich heritage with artists from the 1980's - 2000's among whom are Rachel Hecker, Sherry Levine, Cindy Sherman, Anne Doran, Jack Pierson, Haim Steinbach, Al Souza and Robert Longo.
AWoman's View
From january 27 to may 19 2001
In the 20's Californian women-artists were very imortant and famous for their portraits and still life : Anna A. Hills, Jessie Arms Botke, Mabel Alvarez, Eleanor Colburn, Meta Cressey, Helen Forbes, Donna Schuster, E.Palmer Payne.
A Calligrapher's Art: Inscribed Cotton Ikat from Yemen
From january 26 to may 3 2001
An exceptional collection of textile of early Islamic period (9th-10th c.) inscribed with gold leaf, the texts represent historical records and pious formula.
Concentrations 38: Matthew Ritchie
From january 26 to april 21 2001
The universe created by the British artist, with fluorescent paint and pencils, is visually rich and very personal; however it is very difficult to become involved in it. His drawings join the family of high-tech electronic games,fantastic [...]
Heinz Mack
From january 26 to march 14 2001
Heinz Mack was born in 1931. He is one of the creator of ZERO group, laboratory of the German kinetic movement. Already known for his roto-reliefs, here the artist exhibits his most recent works
Jean Poyet, Artist to the Court of Renaissance France
From january 25 to may 6 2001
The first exhibition devoted entirely to one illuminator in the US. J. Poyet (1483-1503) illuminated manuscipts at the royal courts of three sucessive kings: Louis XI, Charles VIII et Louis XII. Rare masterpieces by the maestro are on display.
Living Heritage : Vernacular Environment in China
From january 25 to june 10 2001
Collection of photographs, furniture and decorative elements illustrating ways of life in China
The Arken Collection
From january 25 to october 28 2001
Featuring the recent acquisitions of the Arken Museum... Let's discover Finnish and international contemporary works like those by young photographers Wolfgang Tillman and Jouko Lehtola and by the painter Kaspar Kaum Bonnen.
Earthly Delights. deep gardening
From january 24 to august 22 2001
The show presents videos by contemporary artists, inspired by the famous triptych by Heironymous Bosch and using the theme of the garden as the centre of a message. Works by David Rokeby, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak, Shani Mootoo, [...]
Futurism and photography
From january 24 to april 22 2001
In their search for pictorial dynamism, the Futurists blamed photographs for stunting life. However artists like Bragaglia or Depero explored the openings brought by photo-dynamism and the visual dizziness induced by it.
Book As Art XIII : Artists' Books about Artists
From january 22 to may 13 2001
Saluting famous anonymous artists from painters, sculptors and architects to musicians and poets who influenced 40 unique and limited edition artists'book.
Chinese Arts of the Brush, 17th-18th Century
From january 21 to july 22 2001
Landscape paintings and works of calligraphy from 1638 to 1752, essentialy focused on four major regions : the Yangzi River Delta region, the Yellow Mountains, and the two cities of Nanjing and Yangzhou.
Robert Frank
From january 21 to may 6 2001
The museum, which owns 300 photographs by great American artists, exhibits over 40 clichés of R. Frank, a great american photographer (from the 40's in Europe to the 50's in the US). The atist's deeply personal vision of reality and relation [...]
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith: Poet in Paint
From january 21 to may 20 2001
A native American artist, Smith uses a combination of collage and text, generally taken from The New York Times or Char-Koosta, her tribal newspaper. The work is grounded in native traditions and religion.
From january 20 to july 3 2001
Presentation of works by photographers who died during the Vietnam and Indochine wars. Including, for the first time, images by North vietnamese photojounalists.
ABCD : A Collection of Art Brut
From january 20 to july 1 2001
ABCD (Art Brut Connaissance et Diffusion) is a Paris-based organization which enables you to discover a unique collection of what is called art brut ("raw art"), officially non-sanctioned art
Against Design
From january 20 to may 20 2001
Against traditional understanding of design, but fin favor of design blended with art and archiecture, from 1920 to 1960: Kevin Appel, Roy McMakin, Jorge Pardo, Joe Scanlan, Pae White and Andrea Zittel, Tobias Rehberger, and Angela [...]
The City Beautiful : Photogravures by Alvin Langdon Coburn,1906-1910
From january 20 to april 22 2001
In the photographs of London and New York the inflence of Steiglitz can be felt. The artist uses special pictorial effects (soft focus, suppression of details, emphasis on natural elements -trees, water, sky) to create the vision of beauty.
The genius of Rome 1592-1623
From january 20 to april 16 2001
Conscious of the Eternal city's particular role in the rebirth of art, young artists Caravaggio, Carracci or Rubens arrived in Rome around 1600. New Baroque art which was about to be born produced far more direct and natural paintings.
The Girl in the picture
From january 20 to june 3 2001
The world was moved in 1972 by a photo by Associated Press of a Vietnamese girl, screaming as she ran with her family away from her village that had just been attacked with napalm.
18th century Collectors from Toulouse
, ,
From january 17 to april 30 2001
Famous Toulouse Royal Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture exhibits art works accomplished in the 18th c. by the students and the works of old masters which at the time were lent by the Collectors.
New Acquisitions Featuring the Norton Gift
From january 17 to may 27 2001
Peter Norton donated almost 1000 works of art to 28 US institutions including the Berkeley Art Museum which received 41 works by local artists: China Adams, Chris Finley, Melissa Pokorny and Dawn Fryling.
David Febland: Twist and Shout
From january 16 to july 28 2001
The contemporary New York artist presents works created as a site-specific installation for the Marsh Art Gallery. Each of the four paintings conveys the interaction of energetic characters in public urban settings.
Ille et Vilaine earth-made constructions: a heritage to be discovered. ,
From january 16 to may 13 2001
An exploration of a patrimony of the Rennes area: cob-made constructions. With the help of visual ans sensory factors, the exhibition evokes their typological, historical, technical aspects and the problems posed by their restoration.
History Past, History Present : The Daguerreotype Portrait in America
From january 16 to may 20 2001
Presentation of the beginnings of portrait photography in the mid-ninetheeth century. The exhibition features the most outstanding signed daguerreotypes.
From january 14 to may 6 2001
19 of Japan's most provocative artists illustrate the trend towards two-dimensionality in Japanese contemporary art. This trend is rooted inthe culture of Manga, which symbolises an escape from reality.
William Trost Richards
From january 13 to may 13 2001
Landscapes in oil and watercolor, ink and graphite, miniature landscapes and marine views in New England, the British Isles by the American artist who was associated both with the Hudson River school and the Pre-Raphaelite movement.
Museum within a Museum: Treasures from the Taft
From january 12 2001 to february 1 2003
During the Taft's closing for an 18 month renovation and expansion period, a selection of 90 works including 19th-century paintings and decorative arts is on display.
Circa 1950
From january 10 to may 27 2001
Works created in the middle of the 20th century, among them - two works by Alberto Giacometti La Cage and Tête Noire, along with other artists of the period: Jackson Pollock, Richard Diebenkorn, Willem de Kooning and Clyfford Still.
Encounters with the Contemporary
From january 7 2001 to january 6 2002
Major African contemporary artists : Valente Malangatana, Bruce Onabrakpeya, Gerard Sekoto, Skunder Boghossian, David Koloane Yinka Shonibare, Berni Searle.
Andrew Hunter: Stand by your Man
From january 1 to may 27 2001
The story of Annie Crawford-Hurn, a character based on a painting Hunter discovered in the collection of the Edmonton Gallery
Black Theatre
From january 1 2001 to february 22 2002
The exhibition traces the development of theatre by the Aboriginal people in Australia over the last 3 decades and showcases the role that theatre has played in communicating their social and political concerns.
William Eakin: Have a Nice Day
From january 1 to june 24 2001
A photo-installation featuring 30 works by Canadian artist William Eakin explores popular fascination for UFO and aliens.
European Helmets, 1450-1650
From january 1 to december 31 2001
Helmet design reached its apogee in the Renaissance. The collection of the Metropolitan is of the largest and most diverse in the world, European Helmets, 1450-1650 is an opportunity to admire about 75 of them.
No Vacancy
From january 1 2001 to january 6 2002
The presence of a single object can convey a greater sense of emptiness than absence could ever do. Focusing on bodies, this exhibition of Post-modernist paintings explores the concept of memory.
Magnetic North: Canadian Experimental Video
From january 1 to december 6 2001
30 years of explosion of the art of video is compilled, including 40 tapes by 47 artists.
Plain and Fancy : Quilts from the National Quilt Register
From january 1 2001 to february 28 2002
The Quilt, or Wagga as it is traditionally known, is a much cherished family keepsake, as well as a poignant reflection on people's lives revealing status, fashion and the prosperity of the times.
Project room
From january 1 to may 31 2001
All the artists are invited to make a proposal and opened a dialogue with CCB's architectural environment.
Tell Me a Picture: An Exhibition Selected by Quentin Blake
From january 1 to june 17 2001
Quentin Blake gathered 26 pictures to encourage young visitors to discover imaginative and striking works by Hopper, Kiff, Rego ou Foreman.
Trevor Gould, Posing for the Public
From january 1 to may 20 2001
A new installation by Trevor Gould...
Weird and Whimsical: Northwest Art from the Permanent Collection
From january 1 to october 14 2001
An exhibition of quirky and otherworldly works by Northwest artists from the permanent collection. Features work in a variety of media by twenty-five artists including Mark Tobey, Sherry Markovitz, Jay Steensma and Ken Cory.