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Art Of The Day Weekly

#482 - from 14 September 2017 to 20 September 2017

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Painter and the Buyer, ca. 1565 © The Albertina Museum, Vienna.

Bruegel, the details in life

VIENNA – Spring and summer at the same time? We always rejoice when the month of May s particularly warm. But here, at the Albertina, this situation concerns two drawings by Bruegel that are rarely shown together, and which are among his most beautiful, and among his last. By picking through its own very rich collection, and putting in some works on loan, the museum shows viewers the virtuosity of the artist as a drawer: when we plunge into his group scenes, such as a country fair, the workshop of an alchemist, or a group of undisciplined school children, we explore colorful details. The artist always had a weakness for what is grotesque, abnormal, or warped.
Bruegel. Drawing the World at the Albertina, from 8 September to 3 December 2017.

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